Steps To Move Your Aquarium From Old Destination To New Location

Steps To Move Your Aquarium From Old Destination To New Location

Packing and moving is a task that takes a lot of pre-planning at your end. Especially when it’s about your aquatic animals, then you are for sure standing at one risky end. You have to be extremely cautious before moving them. Also, it would be advisable not to move them as far as possible. Because if you do that, there are very less chances that they will actually survive and if they don’t survive, then there’s no point in taking them wasting your time and energy both. So, sell them at your old place and buy a new aquarium for your new destination.

Move Your Aquarium

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Still if you eagerly want to take them, then we have some quick tips for you-

Habituate Your Fishes:

Fishes are really important for a fish lover! So, it’s even more important to transport them to the new place safely. For doing this try changing a little bit of water from the fish tank five days in advance. Once you change it, your fish will try to adjust to the new water and will try to become adaptive as well as dynamic. She will learn to breathe in this new water too. Because obviously, the water taste, the quality will change once you reach the new city.

Food Intake:

The daily food dosage or intake that you provide your fishes with is essential to her. But at the same time what’s least known to us is that fishes have a tendency to store energy in their stomach for situations when they don’t have any more food. Stop giving food to your fish two days in advance so that she learns to adapt to such situations too.

Vehicle Preference:

If it’s about a shorter distance, then you can easily go for your own vehicle. You can take the fish along with yourself. Your fish will have no issues and at the same time, it will be right in front of your eyes. All that you need is to be a little cautious. Also, make sure there are least jerks that the aquarium hits by. This will ease out the journey for the fish.

Long Distance:

Now when it’s about the long distances, then you surely need to go for a professional pet relocation service as they have the necessary capacity as well as knowledge and know-how of the transportation process. Also, do check the terms and conditions of your relocation service provider before you hire them. Make sure they transport all your fishes safely and alive. Otherwise, there won’t be a point in hiring them.

Fishes and other aquarium animals require time just like us before they actually shift to a new place. So, it’s up to us to choose wisely the time duration we should give out to them. It’s better to consult a pet relocation and if you are doing it all on your own then it’s better to research the nature and adaptation time of your pet, in order to assess the situation better.

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