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Terms and Conditions For 1Support

Welcome to the 1Support digital portal, one of the most popular shifting digital portals in India, with packers and movers directory that spans the entire country. You accept to respect the terms and conditions set out in this notification through accessing this website

Rules Of Approval:

You must check the whole "Terms & Conditions" section prior to actually utilizing any feature from the portal. You may use the digital portal for free after reading as well as accepting the terms and conditions listed below. It's simply data that's been recorded to maintain you as well as the portal's experts on the same page. If you do not consider the data in the Terms and Conditions to be applicable to you, never use any portion of the webpage.

Utilize The Portal As A Whole:

The directory provides alternatives for private usage only, not for marketing purposes. You are lawfully obligated by the Terms & Conditions listed here after you accept them, and you may be liable for whatever concerns or disagreements that arise.

As You Progress, You Should Take Special Care Of The Following Steps:

1. You are not permitted to make any modifications to the portal, whether it is to replicate, duplicate, share, transmit, edit, or resell any material, including the names of various firms providing items or services.

2. Furthermore, you should not deactivate or intervene with any portal data, nor do you harm it in any way.

3. Unless The Company's express authorization, you possess no authority to get any data through any means that you perceive to be unlawful.

4. You will not be permitted to view any pin code information without The Company's explicit consent.

The Portal's Digital Information:

The Company and the solution vendors have complete control over the digital portal and whatever data within it, including comments, documents, databases, graphics, phrases, images, copyrighted data, and any detailed aspects. The portal provides non-commercial accessibility to information from the site. You may pick a title from this list and provide it to someone without any third-party involvement.

Any data you offer, be it for posting, publication, or sharing on the portal, is entirely your personal responsibility because you are totally accountable for it.


You are completely accountable for the performance or otherwise reliability of the services and information only that you have reviewed and recognized the whole terms and conditions. The 1Support digital portal makes no representations or warranties for any faults, data, programming, portal data, or other anything found on the portal.


The company, and also the registered firm's partners, have copyright protected and approved the complete information in the portal. The Company's express authorization is required to duplicate, publish, or disseminate the portal's material to anyone or anywhere.

Modifications And Additional Terms:

The 1Support digital portal has the right to make changes and updates to any content on this page at any time without notification. This digital portal also has the freedom to change any of the terms of service at any time without notification.