Your Little Guide To Move Back From College To Home City

Your Little Guide To Move Back From College To Home City

Your Little Guide To Move Back From College To Home City

Going to college is one of the most important phases of a student’s lifetime. So, packing for the same has to be important too. But what about coming back to the home city from your college? Well, this is the least talked about matter in society but is important enough. Once you know it’s time to pack your bags again, you have a whole lot of things going on in your mind. Right from the nostalgia of leaving your home to remembering everything imperative to be brought back home, it’s all a big task in itself.

So, we are here with some quick tips to make your “back from college” move quite quick and easy!

Last Four Trips:

The last four trips that you go on from college to home, are most significant. Make sure you take as many essentials with you as you can in your last four trips. This will reduce your headache of carrying a lot of things all at once while you finally shift. Try taking all the items which are not essential for you.

Non-Season Clothes:

The clothes which you don’t need in the season should be immediately transported to your home well in advance. These clothes only pile up as extra and add up to your headache. So, it’s better to shift them in a bag well in advance.

Early Packing:

While it seems like the easiest task, it’s one of the toughest deals. So it is wise to start packing and planning early. Try planning your move and talk to packers and movers at least a month before to compare their rates and to hire them as in the peak season they have high rates and they are least available.

Documents And T&C:

As you hire packers and movers, make sure you check all the documents and terms and conditions on it. There shouldn’t be any hidden charges for warehousing and local transportation and if there is then you should know well in advance. Also, to make sure your consignment reaches you in time and safely, you should go through all these papers.

Don’t Pay In Full:

Since it will probably be your first time hiring professional packers and movers, so we would advise you not to pay in full. Try paying only the one-fourth sum of the total in advance. Then after the consignment reaches you, do check it and then pay the residual amount. This will ensure a safe and hassle-free movement of your goods.

Checking Consignment:

Do not send the logistics company men by signing off their inventory list. First, check the list and whether everything has reached you or not. If yes, then sign it and pay the rest amount or otherwise raise a complaint to the customer care.

Keep Everything Ready To Move:

While you set your room in the last some months, make sure you keep the things in a carton. You can tape up this carton immediately at the time of your movement.