List of Top 10 Logistics Companies In India For Delivering E-Commerce Products

List of Top 10 Logistics Companies In India For Delivering E-Commerce Products

Since the beginning of time, India’s logistics companies have played a vital role in the nation. Logistics solutions have progressed a lengthy distance, from moving large products from one location to another and currently delivering it all through e-commerce.

Without a solid system of logistical providers, the e-commerce retail business would be meaningless. They are the true generators of fulfillment and a key determinant of the profitability of the e-commerce and carting sectors.

With the explosive growth of the e-commerce market, the logistics field has exploded as well. Currently, e-commerce-focused logistics providers account for 28% of India’s whole logistics industry.

These best logistics firms give a more innovative system with fair costs to meet the requirements of e-commerce companies offering primarily on social media, web portals, shopping applications, and other networks.

Cargo businesses or logistics providers strive to offer a comprehensive method of fulfillment and optimize all post-purchase e-commerce duties.

Before we start, we want to discuss delivery options like some companies, which can be quite beneficial to your business.

In India, Here’s Top 10 Logistics Companies:

India’s logistics industry has been rapidly increasing as well as developing. They manage the bulk of internet firms’ logistics and shipping activities. Following the purchase, logistics providers manage the order’s manifestation, the source of AWB (airway bills), and check and delivery to the consumer. Businesses can use them to store goods both before and after an order is confirmed, as well as during the transportation.

Based on the sector in which your company operates, you can discover it better to engage with numerous logistics suppliers or ones that offer specialist services as your company expands. That is why it is critical to understand the finest logistics companies in India and how to choose the finest one for your organization. Your logistics provider can define or destroy your business, determining how successful and how fast you develop.

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That’s why, by widely used measures, it’s always beneficial to understand who the company’s main players are. E-commerce logistics has grown into a formidable force, bridging the gap between enterprises on one part of the nation and their consumers on the other.

The Top-Rated Logistics Industries For E-Commerce Firms In India:

To complete services to your clients, you will require the assistance of an e-commerce logistics firm or industry in India, regardless of the scope of your online marketplace. These are the best ten e-commerce logistics companies in India, ranked in numerical order, based on the characteristics of the logistics service provider, the solutions they give, and the facilities they provide.

Blue Dart Logistics Services:


BlueDart becomes an international carrier with a vast range of facilities both in India and overseas. Using planned and slot-based arrival, you may offer clients the choice of choosing their desired delivery timings.

Additional services, such as continuous and computerized proof-of-delivery notifications or climate shipping materials, are also available through the Blue Dart API. Cash-on-delivery, electronic bank, and a variety of wallet alternatives are all available whenever it refers to shipping charges.

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Delhivery E-Commerce Logistics:


Delhivery is an Indian logistics firm that is one of the greatest and the most well-known in the country. They manage logistics for over 7,500 e-commerce companies in India. They are well-known for their on-demand courier services, which include upcoming, same-day, and planned shipments. COD options, as well as reversal and refund logistics, are available through Delhivery.

They can transport a broad range of products, notably risky, high-value, and large things. Order selecting, packaging, shipment label production, and delivery are all sped up using the Delhivery API integration.

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FedEx Logistics Firm:


Before actually offering its logistics services to e-commerce enterprises, FedEx earned a reputation for itself in the international economy. FedEx has an educated staff and top-of-the-line shipping services to deal with high items, hefty or fairly lightweight items, and even risky items. They also assist with customs clearance for regional and pass goods.

The FedEx API may be integrated with your enterprise applications to offer worldwide deliveries to more than 200 countries while maintaining clients informed about the condition of their orders in real-time.

Many more excellent functions, such as returns management and expedited delivery, are documented in the FedEx API documentation. The FedEx API specification is a great resource for learning how to integrate FedEx into your current processes and programs.

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Ekart Logistics:

Ekart Logistics:

Ekart began as a Flipkart project and has now expanded to offer logistical services to a variety of other e-commerce businesses. They’ve grown in popularity as a result of their inexpensive prices and the fact that they quickly ship to some places. In 13 locations around the country, same-day delivery is accessible, while next-day delivery is offered in 50. The Ekart Tracking API can assist e-commerce business owners who are seeking end-to-end logistical services.

The Ekart Tracking API not only allows you to generate shipping labels automatically but also shows you where all of your goods are in their delivery path in real-time. This enables e-commerce business owners to see how many of their purchases are postponed, and whether the SLA terms are being followed. Ekart Logistics also assists in the effective performance of logistics activities and refunds.

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DHL Logistics Company:


DHL is another well-known worldwide logistics firm with a large presence in India. They get a vast distributing platform that allows them to optimize supply chains and logistics services both domestically and internationally. The warehouse services provided by DHL logistics are popular among SMEs. Their well-connected infrastructure assists them in reducing waste and minimizing their environmental effects during the shipment.

DHL maintains over 800 fulfillment centers around the world. This means that orders can be delivered to clients quicker than ever before, regardless of their location. DHL enables online companies to save money on logistics by placing storage and shipping hubs close to their clients.

Ecom Express Logistics Service Provider:

Ecom Express

Another logistics firm that offers end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions to some of India’s largest online retailers. They are a popular choice for businesses that handle high items such as jewelry since they provide added protection and observation.

Ecom Express guarantees that Express delivery orders will be completed within 72 hours of the purchase is confirmed, even on weekends and official holidays. Likewise, they provide doorstep QC (quality inspections) as well as a promise that the goods will be refunded within 72 hours when it refers to returning goods and reverse logistics.

Shadowfax Company For E-Commerce Logistics:

Shadowfax Company For E-Commerce Logistics

Thousands of companies entrust Shadowfax with their logistics, both internationally and domestically. They offer pickups from both the consumer market and the storage, as well as in-transit warehousing during the first and last mile of distribution.

Shadowfax specializes in location-based and expedited delivery and is well-known for its quick turnaround times. They also allow cashless transactions for doorstep shipments and provide cash-on-delivery (COD) solutions.

Xpressbees Logistics Company:


XpressBees was found about the same time as Shadowfax and is still active in the logistics industry. They’ve established over 100 retail locations throughout India, which work in tandem with 2800 offices to guarantee delivery efficiency.

XpressBees, a logistics company, offers quick delivery for specific sorts of cargo and can handle a wide range of materials, from medications to weighty equipment. They can also assist in the fulfillment of customs clearances for cross-border shipments.



Gati entered the logistics industry approximately four decades ago, in 1989. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, and it is one of India’s biggest logistics companies, with operations in over 17,000 postcodes. If you go with Gati, you’ll need to pick which of their various options you want to take advantage of.

To appeal to a wide range of sectors, different-priced packages of different programs are made accessible.

DTDC Logistics Company:


DTDC, founded in Bangalore in 1990, is one of India’s leading logistics startups. It presently serves 10,000+ customers throughout 17,500+ pin codes, with significant e-commerce enterprises accounting for 75% of its client base. Consumers can use DTDC’s storage and COD (cash-on-delivery) facilities, as well as other simple and customizable transaction alternatives.

The DTDC Tracking API can offer reliable monitoring notifications for many orders at the same time. It also aids in the handling of Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs). The DTDC API may also offer detailed information on delivery effectiveness.

It is particularly well-known for its fast shipping options. The ability to manage a wider range of goods, particularly high-value commodities, weighty items, and even risky or harmful chemicals, etc.

India is on its way to becoming a fulfillment powerhouse, thanks to the rise of e-commerce and logistics firms. With so many options available, you can pick the ideal one for your company and provide your consumers with smooth delivery times and a fulfillment process. You can significantly facilitate your operation and expedite order administration with the many solutions accessible.

On the whole, the above-mentioned logistic companies are the best in India for delivering e-commerce products.