Best Warehouse Companies in India

Best Warehouse Companies in India

It is beneficial to focus on the top warehousing companies in India because warehousing is a crucial component of supply chain management. The skilled and knowledgeable individuals handling your storage requirements with a tailored control system assist in handling the economic elements, meeting spot stocking requirements, and growing the core business.

To assist businesses like yours in finding such reputable organizations that you may use, the list of warehousing companies in India provided below has been compiled. You will discover a precise evaluation of the listed companies to assist you in making decisions. Analyze these businesses, compare them to your demands, and choose the top storage companies in India.



Your company can get complete logistics solutions from Stockarea. Stockarea keeps you protected whether you’re a producer, supplier, merchant, trader, shopper, or stockist. They offer logistics services throughout India with a network of more than 500 warehouses and distribution centers. Stockarea is utilizing advanced technology to attempt to unify this diverse industry. They are working to digitalize the entire supply chain and introduce the culture of on-demand warehousing throughout India. They are one of India’s leading warehouse companies.

SK Logistics:

SK Logistics

Your whole demand for pharmaceutical warehousing, storing, and bundling will be met by SK Logistics in one location. Several SK Logistics warehouses are located in Maharashtra, and the company is preparing to open cutting-edge facilities throughout India’s all four sides.

Supreme Logistics Solutions:

Supreme Logistics Solutions

Located in Ahmedabad, Supreme Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers 3PL services. With their knowledge of warehouse and shipping operations, they can provide customers with end-to-end, specialized needs.

Gati Limited:


In India’s fast distribution network, Gati has been a trendsetter, launching several ground-breaking creative projects that have opened the way for a more organized logistics sector. Gati offers individualized Supply Chain Solutions and unified Quick Delivery to customers in a variety of industrial verticals. They are one of India’s top warehousing companies.

Due to Gati’s feature communication capabilities via air, road, and rail, a wide range of consumer services are now available.

EPT Global Logistics:

EPT Global Logistics

Private business EPT Global Logistics (P) Ltd is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With a staff of more than 40 specialists, the company now has facilities in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and New Delhi and is expanding internationally to places like China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

With internal freight forwarding, customs clearing, warehousing, commercial packing, and air/vessel chartering operations, EPT is a competently outfitted logistics organization with a history of keeping customer obligations.

Fly High Logistics:

Fly High Logistics

To offer top-notch logistics services, Fly High Logistics is expanding its business in south India. Their strong warehouse management systems enhance stock flow and efficiently manage every aspect of the supply chain. Due to its remarkable performance over the previous five years, Fly High Logistics Pvt Ltd has become one of India’s extremely fast warehousing organizations.

OmTrans Logistics Ltd:

OmTrans Logistics Ltd

Om Trans is an aspirational Indian warehousing business that wants to offer its customers top-notch logistical services. To address the logistics and distribution demands of its customers, Omtrans has developed a wide range of services, including air, sea, and land transportation. As a good big business worker, adding value and give something back to the part of the city and nation.

B2B Logistics:

B2B Logistics

A reputable logistics and freight forwarding company in India is called B2B Logistics. The organization has the expertise to offer clients in several sectors cutting-edge logistics solutions. Since its beginning, the business has swiftly increased the range of its activities and services, forging a significant influence in India’s logistics market.

A 25-person professional team makes up B2B Logistics. The team puts safety, dependability, and efficiency first to put the demands of its clients first. Their goal is to grow to be India’s largest logistics and warehousing company.

JUSDA Supply Chain Management:

JUSDA Supply Chain Management

The official authorized networking service provider for supply chain management for Foxconn Technology Group is JUSDA. They focus on end-to-end supply chain collaboration in the whole production sector operation, located from source material to final item and downstream from the final item to the terminal client, and have nearly 20 years of expertise in lean supply chain management. The supply chain is strongly encouraged to be the company’s genuine strategic edge due to its great connection with customers.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited:

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited

The TVS Group, one of the most famous business empires in the nation, is a sister company of TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited (formerly known as TVS Logistics Services Limited). It is a multinational company that offers top-notch, end-to-end supply chain services to a variety of industries. It is also an expert in modifying logistics supply chains by raising productivity, enhancing exposure, and reducing functioning expenses.

Allcargo Logistics:

Allcargo Logistics

A warehouse business with its headquarters in Maharashtra is called Allcargo Logistics Ltd. One of the most well-known and widely listed logistics companies in India is Allcargo Logistics. By acquiring ECU Worldwide, it has become one of the biggest LCL service providers in the world. An industry pioneer in integrated logistics, Allcargo Logistics is run by proven experts and boasts standardized quality requirements, efficient processes, best practices, and top-notch services.

Tripath Logistics:

Tripath Logistics

Tripath Logistics is a fast-growing supplier of logistics solutions that focuses on offering thorough, easily available, and customer-focused services that are tailored to its client’s requirements. They offer a wide range of logistical options, including warehousing, transportation services, on-site and off-site assistance, and air/ocean freight logistics.

Connect India:

Connect India

The idea behind the Connect India campaign is to extend out to the unreachable to equalize the playing field in logistics. With a solid mobile approach, Connect India’s objective is to leverage current financial assets like brick-and-mortar merchants and the online India portal to create a pan-India last-mile distributing network that covers 25000 pin codes.

FM Logistics:

FM Logistics

The French-based FM Logistic has a branch in India called FM Logistic. FM Logistic India, one of the top outsourced logistics service providers in India, has more than 90 warehouses spread over more than 30 locations, with an overall warehousing area of 4.50 million square feet. It is one of the top warehouse firms.

DGS Translogistics:

DGS Translogistics

A very reputable third-party logistics (3PL) provider, DGS Translogistics India Pvt. Ltd. has been providing personalized, value-added, end-to-end supply chain, shipping, and warehousing services to a broad bridge of the business from 1992.

VRL Logistics:

VRL Logistics

Over the years, VRL has established the bar for providing a stable and safe package distribution network. Its services have been enlarged to include air chartering, priority cargo, and courier service to fulfill the growing needs of its expanding customer base. VRL’s 3PL and warehouse solutions are tailored to specifically address the needs of its wide range of clients. Due to the largest goods transit network in India, VRL parcel service is crucial for a huge number of corporate entities. This network spans the entire planet, with transshipment hubs positioned in key locations.

Sampark India Logistics Pvt. Ltd:

Sampark India Logistics Pvt. Ltd

With a 7-year record of activities centered on the most recent logistics landscape, expanding the interaction of network, knowledge, skilled labor, and transport systems, Sampark India Logistics is a top independent services provider. The structure of the business is built on a commitment to excellent user service, strategy development, and a corporate culture of performance development. To diversify its revenue streams while upholding higher benchmarks at all stages, the organization is pushing up in an attempt to penetrate the new target market.

Mahindra Logistics:

Mahindra Logistics

A company in Mahindra Partners’ ownership is Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL). MLL offers comprehensive third-party supply chain and personnel logistics systems to companies from a wide range of industries.

Kotak Logistics:

Kotak Logistics

Gujarat, the earliest historical port in India, is located right in the center of India’s history, and Kotak Logistics has been devoted to servicing its customers for years. They are a leading warehouse firm in India that is competently managed and expanding swiftly. In modern logistics operations at India’s main ports, Kotak, a logistics company, has proven expertise.

H&S Supply Chain Services:

The sole supplier of supply chain services in the nation with 3.5 PL capabilities and flexible warehouse spacing is H&S. H&S, an organization with its headquarters in India and improvement facilities in the European Union, was founded with the vision of revolutionizing the Indian logistics and supply chain sector.

Virtually all organizations, and the logistics industry in particular, rely heavily on warehousing. Large-scale, intricate distribution operations have traditionally included warehouses in their design. In the fast-paced environment of integrated logistics, same-day delivery, and e-commerce obligations in today’s competitive business environment, even small and medium-sized companies are recognizing the expanding necessity of warehouse management. Effective warehousing helps businesses, as well as their clientele and consumers, economically.

For your company, you must pick one of the top storage firms in India because it plays a critical role in the supply chain. A perfect warehousing firm offers a solution that is customized for your organization and skilled staff to manage your stock and demands. You do not have to worry about your inventory or stocking requirements because of their knowledge. It gets simpler to give your main business your undivided attention.

Therefore, you should be aware of their services before keeping your product in a warehousing facility. It will guarantee that you think more critically and settle on a warehousing facility that fully satisfies your needs.