10 Best Courier Services in India – Get Quality Courier Services

10 Best Courier Services in India – Get Quality Courier Services

Many people who run the e-commerce business need the support of a courier service frequently nowadays because it is a digital world. All happen digitally, so the assistance of a courier service is essential. All those who offer tangible things to clients must send them. Finding the correct and finest courier services in India to assist you and send your stuff at a cheaper rate is, therefore, a major headache. But don’t be concerned!

We have a good idea of how to handle it if you are seeking courier partners who can provide the quickest shipping service. There are some speedy courier services available in India to save time and money for people. If you seek the support of these courier services, you can easily deliver the goods in the e-commerce field.

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Shiprocket is the place to go if you need something delivered quickly. Shiprocket is the most popular courier aggregation website in India. On their platform, they have 17+ courier partners, including the majority of the names on this list. You may send over 29000+ pin codes through Shiprocket and give your customers pleasant customer experiences with COD and prepaid methods of payment.

You will also get several other perks, such as an auto NDR panel, post-order monitoring tools, and more. With the starting price of rs. 19/500g, you may deliver to any household in the country with ease.

If you use shiprocket to deliver the items, it will save your time and effort because it is one of the speedy courier services.

It requires a lot of effort and attention to find the ideal courier partner for your company. With only one courier partner on hand, it is challenging to satisfy all of your business requirements. You can select from a variety of courier partners with Shiprocket depending on your delivery needs.

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DHL’s courier service partner in India is BlueDart. DHL officially purchased the company. They have a reputation for delivering on time and at a minimal price. Bluedart began in Chennai and has since grown to be among India’s fastest and most reliable courier services. It is not only India’s preferred courier service, but it also delivers to over 220 countries worldwide. BlueDart can assist you in shipping your orders quickly using the express shipping option.

Blue Dart Express Ltd., South Asia’s leading fast air and implemented processing and logistics company, provides safe and dependable delivery of consignments to more than 35,000 sites across India. Various customer honors and acknowledgments for demonstrating dependability, outstanding brand engagement, and stability also support Blue Dart’s market leadership.

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The Delhivery Courier Service:


For shipments in India, Delhivery is one of the most dependable courier service providers. It is one of the greatest couriers and provides a quick delivery service digitally, as well as a wide range of services. The goal of Delhivery Courier Service is to bring fulfillment to the point of delivery in the shortest period possible. In addition to national shipments, Delhivery also provides logistics operations and international shipping services.

Using services like Delhivery Express, it also caters to the demands of several great e-commerce firms in India. You can give on-demand dispatch and time-based delivery with Delhivery, according to your and your consumers’ preferences.

The goal of Delhivery is to create a commercial operating system. Over 21000 clients, including major and small e-commerce operators, SMEs, and other prominent organizations and trademarks, rely on them for quick package shipping, PTL, and TL freight, and cross-border and supply chain services.

Their distribution network platform and transportation activities give their clients’ supply chains and logistics more adaptability, diversity, effectiveness, and creativity. Customers may engage with them and their partners at cheap prices. Their services, network, and innovation are at the next level.

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Dotzot courier service:


Every day, the Dotzot courier service of DTDC efficiently distributes a variety of e-commerce packages to consumers. As an e-commerce firm, you desire to reduce your package shipping expenses as much as possible. However, your clients expect their products to arrive at their homes swiftly. As a result, DTDC’s Dotzot provides a link between your demand and the needs of the purchaser to present you with a low-cost, fast-delivery option digitally. You may have your items delivered the next day in all metropolitan areas with DotZot.

By concentrating on layout, innovation, and methods, they hope to improve the e-retail delivery experience.

Purchase satisfaction, collection, transportation, tracking, and distribution of parcels are all handled by them. They also offer drop-shipping and reverse logistics services.

They are the first company in India to establish a system that spans home delivery and Shop Pickup & Return services, improving quality and reducing expenses.

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Gati is an Indian logistical shipping service that provides e-commerce businesses with quicker delivery alternatives. The company was founded in 1989 and has maintained a good situation in the quick delivery of the product ever since. Gati provides Express and Express Plus services to ensure that your clients do not have to queue up for their orders. With Gati’s COD choices, you can transport for the least amount of money.

Gati Limited is one of India’s leading fast delivery and supply chain management firms, dedicated to providing smooth, end-to-end logistic services supported by marking technological platforms.



DHL is without a question one of the country’s finest courier services. DHL allows you to send not only within India but also to over 220 countries across the world. DHL, on the other hand, runs under the BlueDart label for local shipments. Without paying good money, you can transport things using DHL’s express shipping method.

DHL is one of the greatest courier services in India, and you may use it not only for domestic delivery but also for international deliveries. DHL has its name as India’s leading shipping service.

DHL operates in over 220 countries and distributes over 1.5 billion packages annually. It provides a broad array of logistics services that may be tailored to your specific business needs to improve your supply chain.

When you select DHL as your business parcel service, you will get a variety of perks, including more payment choices, preferred prices, access to shipping resources, and, of course, fast shipment!

Daily, it’s 400,000 employees to assist you to traverse boundaries, enter the industry, and expanding your business.

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The FedEx shipping method is far less complex and time-consuming, particularly for e-commerce goods. The organization upholds its well-deserved status by assisting e-commerce companies with low-cost shipping. FedEx provides quick transportation choices as well as COD services for better customer happiness and speedier order fulfillment.

If your goods are fragile or sensitive, you can rely on FedEx to deliver them to your consumers. They also handle the transportation of temperature-sensitive and perishable goods in climate-controlled conditions.

Every business day, FedEx sends more than 15 million packages to more than 220 nations and territories across the world. You can rely on them to get your items to your consumers on schedule because they have so much knowledge and are a leading company in deliveries!

FedEx healthcare shipping supplies and logistics services are also available if you are an internet business regarding medical care and pharmaceuticals that need to be transported carefully and quickly.



XpressBees is a further well-known company in India’s parcels business. Many e-commerce businesses utilize XpressBees to transport their items at a minimal rate. It’s a one-stop-shop for sending e-commerce packages with same-day, next-day, and cash-on-delivery options.

Ecom Express:

Ecom Express

Even though Ecom Express is a comparatively recent delivery service, it has succeeded in creating recognition for speedy service and low-cost services. It’s a full-service logistics provider with countrywide express delivery choices. Ecom Express has been sending packages for e-commerce businesses with huge achievements and a high degree of service quality.

Ecom Express is a full-service logistics sector that offers the E-commerce business fast, dependable, and secure nationwide express delivery services.

Ecom Express creates a smooth delivery of your digital shop’s packages to your clients, covering over 27000 pin codes and over 2650 cities.

Leading e-commerce companies rely on Ecom Express.

The Wow Express:

Wow Express

The Wow Express is one of India’s most efficient and valuable delivery services. More than a few popular e-commerce platforms have been served by the organization. The Wow Express provides both cash on delivery and speedy delivery services, ensuring that your consumers have everything they desire without being willing to queue. Wow, Express also provides worldwide courier and reverse logistics services in addition to domestic shipments.

There are many courier services available in India, but only some couriers give you fast service at a reasonable rate. The above-mentioned are the top fast courier service with a reasonable rate. It will be helpful to people nowadays to ship the items easily. To get good customer satisfaction, utilize the services given here.