What Are The Most Difficult Items To Move?

What Are The Most Difficult Items To Move?

In a house move, nothing is particularly simple to move. Nevertheless, certain goods are more difficult to transfer than others. That is something that even the top packers and movers in India concur on. The hardest items to transport in a move are listed below.

Discover Which Products Are The Most Challenging:


The value of antiques is enormous. It would cost a lot of money to hurt them in any way. And that’s precisely why transferring antiques is challenging. Additionally, antiques frequently have odd forms and sizes, which makes transporting them more difficult.

Heirlooms And Sentimental Items:

Whether or not they have monetary value, heirlooms hold a great deal of sentimental value. Any harm to these artifacts, which have a special place in our hearts, could be emotionally upsetting. Additionally, some families think that heirlooms with damage are a negative omen for the family. Make sure to carefully explain to your packers and movers what your heirlooms are so that they can handle them with special care.


By necessity, many electronics are brittle. If not wrapped appropriately, your computer, monitor, and other devices with screens might all be destroyed eventually. The fridge requires to be completely taped up because the door would otherwise open.


The glass is fragile. It is easily broken with little effort. Glass objects require meticulous execution during each step of the moving process, including wrapping, carrying, offloading, and unboxing. Champagne flutes and wine glasses should be strengthened with an additional layer of protecting material (such as bubble wrap).

Objects Of Religion:

Statues and other religious objects are frequently composed of clay, which renders them brittle. Additionally, damage to sacred objects is also seen to bring ill luck to the family, much as it is with heirlooms. Therefore, these products need to be carried and packed with the highest care.

Household Equipment:

This one should be evident. There are many items, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, that just make relocation a little more difficult than it could otherwise be. You should manage items like this cautiously for the sake of both your protection and the object in the issue. Plan and bring the required people to ensure that the device is safely unplugged and won’t cause harm to your house when you move it. Nothing is more heartbreaking than believing you are moving your oven over the floor only to discover that it has left behind big gashes.

Sports And Exercise Gear:

Similar to instruments, exercise and sporting equipment can be difficult to pack since items such as weights may desire to roll away from their designated locations if they are not. Similar to this, large-scale exercise equipment might be challenging depending on the size and manufacturer. It is advisable to hire movers to position things securely.

Depending on these distinguishing characteristics, you can locate a list of the items that are the most challenging to relocate to your new house below.


Plants cannot be taken by movers; however, you can pack your planters in packages and store them in the back or spread them throughout the passenger seats of your vehicle. There is a possibility that they will make it without more incident if you are only traveling a small way or across the city. Meanwhile, relocating across the country is a completely different thing. There are still no assurances that they will live, but you can still carry them, whether you are traveling by car or by plane, to your ultimate stop. Additionally, keep in mind you can “import” your houseplants and how much you will have to pay by first checking the local laws in the state or nation where you will be moving.


Even though moving live animals across the country is difficult, it is still possible if you know the right precautions to take to ensure their safety. It is customary to go to your vet first to check on your pet’s physical health, obtain any necessary immunization records or health certifications, and get advice. Then you must prepare the necessary papers (be sure to check local laws and shipping requirements), select a proper shipping container, and provide for the comfort of your small pet with food, drink, toys, or anything else that is necessary for your particular situation. Of course, it’s great if you can transport your pet in your car and make frequent pit stops for walks and playtime along the way. Allow your furry pals to stay at your old house for as long as they can, and be sure to treat them well.

Relocating pets involves more than simply the animals themselves; you frequently must also move the environment in which they live. While certain animal habitats, such as cages and rubbing posts, are simply too inconvenient to keep and may be left behind in favor of new ones in your new residence:

Featuring A Fish Tank:

Fish are too sensitive and highly unlikely to endure a shift, and it would be exceedingly challenging to relocate their water-filled glass habitat. You must place them in suitable storage tanks that are full of water that has been emptied from the aquarium, particularly when you want to maintain the same fish, the same water plants, the same bacterium inhabitants, the same stones, and other ornamental elements. Additionally, keep in mind to store any proper tools, such as filtration, warmers, compressors, etc., properly.

Bird Cages:

Transporting your bird in its cage is the easiest and most suitable option, but if you plan to fly, you’ll require a shipment cage made of strong plastic. In either case, you should line the bottom of the carton with paper, wrap it with seedlings the bird can intake, and add some pieces of sweet fruit to it. Furthermore, you should disconnect the water container. This will help to lessen the stress on your feathered friend. For added protection, tie wraps should be added to the door and both sides.

Bulky And Strong Objects:

Oversized furniture and oddly shaped devices are notoriously challenging to move since they risk causing harm to the property or themselves. Before beginning the task, you must take numerous aspects into account and take special precautions to prevent injury from occurring in the procedure:

The doors must suit the things, right? Take advanced measurements of wood, corners, hallways, and staircases;

Do you own the necessary shifting supplies? A dolly, blankets for the furniture, shifting pads, and straps;

Are the parts correctly packed? Remove everything from overhead shelves and empty them; cover small parts and sticking-out components (such legs and knobs) in sheets, tissue, or bubble wrap; seal doors and drawers shut, and pay special attention to glass cases. To learn more, look at these helpful moving advice for furniture;

Did you get your devices ready? Disconnect, drain, and carefully clean them.

The most difficult pieces of furniture to move are couches, pillows, and mattresses, whereas refrigerators, washing machines, and cooktops are all equally easy to move.

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Even More Challenging Relocation Things:

Despite how challenging it may be to relocate the below-mentioned things, some things provide an even bigger task:


assisting your children in adjusting to their new environment is one of the most challenging components of any move. When relocating across the country with children, there are many things to take into consideration because relocation has a significant impact on children’s development and conduct;


Nobody can take away from you the memories you hold close to your soul and mind or the experiences you have had, but some objects from your old residence will always be with you. The door board sign that shows your child’s height at age five, as well as the beautiful crystal painting your buddy did on the bedroom window last Christmas, just cannot be packed and moved;


If you intend to relocate your firm, you must be highly skilled in this science;


Your interpersonal interactions cannot be summarised in a few words and cannot be transferred to your new coworkers, neighbors, or friends. They won’t be aware of your abilities, your accomplishments, your level of helpfulness and dependability;

Health Care:

If you are happy with your present family doctor and medical facility, you will undoubtedly be dissatisfied at first with the new ones. Although the transferred medical information, no new doctor will truly comprehend your unique narrative better than the one you depended on for many years;

Fun Things To Do:

There might be good sports teams, dance clubs, or other attractions in your new neighborhood, but it will take some time before you can truly unwind and enjoy being around individuals you don’t know. You may only expect that there will be fresh chances to discover suitable locations to engage in an activity you enjoy.


After all, stated and accomplished, you must change your life. And that in itself is challenging.

Even though shifting is easy with packers and movers, some objects are really difficult to move.