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We know Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs for its biryani. It is a historic city and full of life, where you will find people with smiles on their faces and zeal to live life. In this colorful city, moving household items or office goods can become a challenging task. Since we live in times of fast-paced life, Hyderabad is not an exception. People love using online services and weigh all options before selecting any option while buying any product or availing any service. The same is the case with reliable relocation services in Hyderabad. People usually want their relocation services to be handled by a professional packers and movers Hyderabad. However, choosing a good option is a difficult task, especially considering that good movers and packers should be registered, reliable, experienced, professional, and affordable. Just like while people do online shopping, and they look into past reviews, overall rating, cost and prestige of the companies or brand , similarly while searching and choosing packers and movers Hyderabad, clients want to have full information about the options, their past record, reviews, rating, offers and cost. Seeing these expectations 1Support has been formed and is an exceptional service for hiring movers and packers Hyderabad. It offers all expected features and registered packers and movers Hyderabad services under its umbrella.

Packers and Movers Hyderabad Charges

Packers and Movers Hyderabad Charges And Cost

Featured Partners in Hyderabad

Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers ®

Office Address: 8-7 178/50/10, Devi krupa Swarnadhama nagar, Military dairy farm road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad 500011 ( Telangana)

Services: Local + Domestic House Shifting Service, Corporate Services, Packing And Unpacking, Car Relocation, Warehousing And Storage.

Good Luck Packers and Movers ®

Office Address: Door No. 2-1-50/223/1 Mahankali Nagar, Usha Mullapudi Road, KPHB Colony, Hyderabad - 500072

Services: Local + Domestic House Shifting Service, Corporate Services, Packing And Unpacking, Car Relocation, Warehousing And Storage.

Network Cargo Movers & Packers ®

Office Address: No.24/25, Military Dairy Form Road, Near-Indian Patrol Pump, Old Bowenpally, Hyderabad - 500015

Services: Local + Domestic House Shifting Service, Office Shifting services, Car Relocation, Warehousing And Storage.

Alliance Home Packers And Movers ®

Office Address: #7-009/229/A, Bhagya Laxmi Colony, Shubhash Nagar Road No.5, Quthbullapur, Medchal-Malkjgiri, Telangana - 500055

Services: Local + Domestic House Shifting, International Relocation, Office Shifting Services, Car Relocation, Warehousing And Storage.


Top 5 Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

First-class cargo packers and movers

This one has the highest-reviewed services available in the city, one of the services which are approved by Bank and having a branch chain of over 30 branches in the Asian nation. Providing the customers the finest quality services at the foremost economical price has been our USP over the years.

Competing to its rivals in the class of shifting services like Packing and Unpacking Services Home Relocation Services, company Relocation Services, automobile, and Bike Carrier Services, Pet and plant relocation services, Loading Unloading Services, Insurance Services, and Storage Services.

It is a well-known service in most of the regions in Hyderabad.

Address- Head Office - P.No.-398, Green Fields, Lal Bazar
Kanajiguda, Medchal–Malkajgiri, Secunderabad
Hyderabad Telangana 500015

Jain Packers And Movers

Jain movers and packers are a private relocation firm that deals with the relocation of goods in a household and corporate goods transportation and they also deal with facilities for warehousing and storage. If anyone looking for a weather-controlled storage option this is the service you need. They are one of the leading brands from Chennai and have a good reputation for meeting customer’s expectations.
It is also specialized in international services with a priority of customer satisfaction. Insurance cover for the goods is also one customer’s option.

Address- Hyderabad
Shop No: 4, Road No: 5 & 7, Sagar Colony, Tirumalgherry
Hyderabad Telangana 500015

Agarwal Packers and Movers

Agarwal movers and packers one of the biggest known brands in this business with giving an extensive range of services to their customers. It is the only company that has been recognized as the Largest Movers of household goods in the Limca Book of Record and World Book of records. It is one of the eminent relocation services established in Hyderabad.

If you’re looking for the most reliable service from an international point of view this is the service which can execute above your expectation. It also gives the feature to track your consignment so that customers can be well assured about their belongings and track where and when it is gonna reach its desired location.

This is the most loved company by its people the most gratified moment is only when their customers are satisfied or beyond it.

Address- Hyderabad
5-9-58/1-15, 702, 7th Floor,
Babu Khan Estate, Basheer Bagh
Hyderabad - 500001 (Telangana)

Maruti Home Relocation Movers and Packers

If you’re looking for an affordable and cost-efficient but A-one in class relocation service then Maruti home is the place. It also deals with the storage and warehousing of the goods which comes at a good price. It is the local relocation service which is beneficial for the one relocating locally.
It also consists of a Pre-survey of the location for the better judgment and quality of work they provide.
Maruti Home service has proven its punctuality and commitment to its work.

Address- Head Office - Hyderabad
8 -7-177/28, Swarnadhama Nagar, Dairy Farm Road
Old Bowenpally
Secunderabad Telangana 500011

Diamond Home Logistics Packers and Movers

Over the years, Diamond Home Logistics have shown great enthusiasm and assurance in delivering the customers need on time and with great service quality.
Talking about the past services it has done a fair job in all aspects of the relocation. It is founded in Hyderabad and is a familiar name in the market, profitably fulfilling the demand of its customers. They have good carrier vehicles for transportation and deliver any quantity gods on a specific time outline.

Address- Head Office - Hyderabad
#1-6-46/32/128, Alwal GHMC
Hyderabad Telangana 500011

So if you’re planning to move or relocate you can choose the most relevant and pre-verified services given above. However, there are many services out there that are just hoaxed in a name of relocating services and one should be beware of such. make sure you check the authenticity and the details of the company office. Don’t forget to compare for your best price and service before giving your goods to their hand.

Expected Cost Of Packers And Movers Hyderabad Services:

Cost is an important factor whenever you are going to select any good packers and movers Hyderabad. The cost part is determined by several factors that do not remain static or the same throughout the year and vary due to lots of factors. Therefore, it is very important to know these factors whenever you make a plan for hiring relocation services. Let us understand the factors affecting the cost of hiring movers and packers Hyderabad:

  • One of the most important factors is the distance between the pickup and drop location.
  • Apart from the distance, the type of moving by which one can know whether goods are going to be moved within city or intercity is also a big factor that affects the charges.
  • The volume of goods to be moved plays an important role in determining the overall charges.
  • Location and floor location at the pickup point and the same factors at the destination point play a role in determining the overall cost of relocation.
  • Amenities like the presence of an elevator at the pickup and drop location and the cost of packing goods to keep them safe while loading and loading, are other important factors.
  • Amount of labor required to complete relocation task.
  • Time in the month when moving is going to take place like if it is happening at the end of the month, middle of the month, and even days of the week make an impact on the pricing for relocation services. Normally demand for movers and packers Hyderabad, is at its top peak at the end and beginning of the month. At the weekends, the workload is higher for the movers and packers Hyderabad. High demand drives the cost upwards.
  • Vehicle type required in moving the goods safely is also a very important contributing factor to the overall charges.
  • Charges of tolls and taxes which are to be incurred in moving.
  • The last important factor is the cost of insurance and storage facilities.

Now if you talk about the general terms, in the case of intra-city (Within City) moving 1BHK, the cost will vary between Rs 3000 to 10,000 and in the case of intercity moving, the charges will be in the range of Rs 5000, to 26000. Similarly, the charges of relocation will move up in the case of 2BHK goods movement and go in the range of Rs 4000 to 14000 for within city relocation task and 7000 to 30, 000 for intercity relocation. Proportionally charges go up for 3BHK and complete villa. Subsequently, moving cost climbs up according to the proportion of goods and distance. You can refer to the table mentioned ahead after these details.

In the special cases where you have to move your vehicles like motorcycles or cars, the cost is determined by factors like types of vehicle and distance. The cost of moving for car ranges in between 4000 to 15,000 and motorcycle, the cost of relocation can be between Rs to 2000 to 7000. In the case of relocation of complete relocation of office goods, the moving cost can come in between Rs 4000 to 50, 000.

Please go through the chart given below for the complete description about movers and packers Hyderabad charges:

Approx Cost of Shifting in Hyderabad Local And Domestic Shifting Cost

Local Shifting (within City)

Local Shifting Approximate cost
1 BHK house shifting Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000
2 BHK house shifting Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 14,000
3 BHK house shifting Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 18,000
4 BHK house shifting Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 22,000

Domestic Shifting Cost (To Other CIty)

Domestic Shifting Approximate cost
1 BHK house shifting Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 26,000
2 BHK house shifting Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 30,000
3 BHK house shifting Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 36,000
4 BHK house shifting Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 42,000
Car transportation Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 15,000
Bike transportation Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 7,000
Complete office shifting Rs.4,000 to Rs. 50,000

Have A Look At The Features Under 1Support:

  • All types of packers and movers for various types of requirements are listed on the 1Support site. Whether you are looking to move within Hyderabad or move to any part of India and even to international destinations, all options are available with it. It offers a wide range of options to prospective clients.
  • 1Support helps with all types of goods moving. All types of goods like heavy items, delicate, expensive, household or commercial goods of companies. Even if you are looking to relocate your vehicle like cars or motorcycles etc, 1Support has professional services listed on its site. 1Support helps c with quality movers and packers Hyderabad.
  • All the listed are registered as per the Government laws and regulations and work under the quality standards laid out by the 1Support. Quality checks and internal audits are done by the 1Support from time to time to make sure that listed companies have the services to meet customer expectations.
  • 1Suport is easy to use, and the complete process is simple to follow and understand.
  • 1Support helps clients with 24*7 customer service to sort all types of complaints or clear doubts.
  • 1Support helps the clients with the contact details of the best movers and packers Hyderabad along with their reviews and overall ratings.
  • 1Support gives assistance in finding the right type of insurances to keep your valuables covered.
  • 1Support works under the ambit of government rules and regulations, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe with us and all listed packers and movers Hyderabad on 1Support.
  • Since the main purpose of 1Support is to provide safe, affordable, and trustworthy movers and packers Hyderabad services, the possibilities of getting the nearest services that are offering the cheapest cost for relocation requirements are very high.
  • 1Support has been improving its services according to the feedback of clients. It has got satisfied clients all over India. Its experience and quality of services are just unmatched.
  • 1Support has options available for the immediate requirement for movers and packers Hyderabad, and even for some relocation plan that is to be done in the distant future.

Process Of Using 1Support:

1Support Hyderabad services are extremely easy to use and understand. Let us know more about it:

  • Any prospective client looking to find options and hire packers and movers Faridabad can visit the 1Support site.
  • The prospective client can leave a request for movers and packers Faridabad via WhatsApp message, call, or by filling an online form or call, or via chat service available on its site.
  • Once 1Support receives the basic details like pick up, destination, and date of moving, it shares 3 best packers and movers services information along with the estimated quotes, review ratings of respective 3 companies from the nearby location.
  • The client seeking relocation services speaks directly to these suggested relocation services to clear all the doubts, bargain the cost, and other important factors like discount, manpower, schedule, insurance, and documentation, etc to get a suitable deal.
  • Once an understanding is reached between the chosen packers and movers Faridabad, then the whole practical process of relocation takes place.
  • 1Support provides additional help in the services like live tracking, 24*7 customer service, documentation, watch over whole process and Insurance, etc.
  • 1Support makes sure that the expected standard of highest quality and smoothness is maintained in the entire process and the client remains stress-free.1Suppport teams is always involved in the whole process to make sure that desired standards of quality are always met.

Here are Some FAQs about Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

1. Why Do I Use Packers And Movers In Hyderabad From 1support Online Portal?

The cost of packers and movers in Hyderabad is affordable in your budget. The expert packers and movers will give you assistance with tension-free and reasonable rates.

You can see mostly the moving companies in Hyderabad prices are high when compared to packers and movers from the 1Support online portal. All of our packers and movers will offer services with fair costs which will enable you to estimate the amount of money you need for your relocation. No need to worry about overpaying.

Sometimes the price of relocating differs depending on the customer's individual relocation requirements. However, local moving costs in Hyderabad range from Rs.2,000 to Rs.8,000 for 1 BHK, Rs.3,000 to Rs.12,000 for 2 BHK, and Rs.5,000 to 18,000 for 3 BHK. And for intercity moving ranges from Rs.4,000 to Rs.20,000 for 1 BHK, Rs.8,000 to Rs.48,000 for 2 BHK, RS.12,000 to Rs.60,000 for 3 BHK. Bike transportation charges ranges from Rs.2,500 to Rs.5,500.

2. Should I Know How To Calculate Moving Insurance Rates In Hyderabad?

You should know how to calculate the moving insurance rates because the purpose of moving insurance coverage is essential when you shift your things. To protect goods from many transportation risks such as stealing, burning, major disaster loss, and so on, the moving company in Hyderabad helps you with the moving insurance. The rate is determined with the stated worth of the items in transportation as well as the level of threat the insurer is willing to take during transportations. Here are the calculations:

When you opt for transit coverage, the premium would be 1.5 % of the stated value plus taxation. When you opt for all-inclusive insurance, your insurance cost would be 3% of the stated value plus taxation.

3. What Packing Materials Do The Packers And Movers Utilize To Pack My Photos, Mirrors, Paintings, And Other Related Items?

Packers and movers will collect all the necessary packing materials before they come to pack. They will double-check everything they need to pack. To get the knowledge about what packing materials they use for the safety of your items during transportation, here is the list mentioned below.

Packing supplies the packers and movers will use for packing the items:

Bubble wrap, picture/mirror cartons, mini packing cartons, corrugated tubing, designer's tape, packaging sheet, packaging tape, a waterproof marker, Foam or cardboard layers that are flatted, picture cases, or albums, and transparent or durable paper

These are the packing materials that professional packers and movers will use for the packing of photos, mirrors, paintings, etc.

4. While Everything Is Properly Packed, Is It Necessary To Get Insurance?

It is a good idea to relocate your items with the help of professional packers and movers during a local or intercity shifting. As a result, they will pack all the delicate products, electrical products, household goods, and everyday home goods such as garments, utensils, and so on perfectly.

Even though you hire experienced and professional packers and movers for packing all types of items properly, you need to get insurance. Insurance is always important during the relocation procedure because goods may deal with damage when unanticipated situations occur, such as mishaps, environmental catastrophes, and so on. As a result, insurance is important for safer relocation.

5. What Is The Advantage Of Using Skilled Packers And Movers In Hyderabad?

Tension-free task: When you hand over the relocation task to packers and movers, it will relieve your tensions. Professional packers would alleviate not only psychological but also physical stress.

Skilled packers will possibly wrap all quickly: Moreover, moving is a time-consuming task. You cannot thoroughly prepare your valuables with bubble wrap, papers, and padding, etc. but packers and movers will make packaging and pack them properly well before the date of shipment.

Fast relocation: if you want to relocate swiftly, you will really get an advantage from a professional moving company. They will take care of everything till you settle in your new home. So, you do not need to bother about the long process of relocation.

6. Where Can I Search For A Good Full-Service Moving Company In Hyderabad?

  • You can get simple steps to search for a trustworthy, licensed, and certified full-service moving company for a successful relocation journey. Please fill in the form on the 1Support portal to receive a list of professional moving companies who are ready to assist you with your relocation.
  • You need to contact the packers and movers directly, then only you may convey the specific requirements as well as the ideal process to have a successful relocation. So, you can approach full-service packers and movers in Hyderabad directly through 1Support.
  • You can choose more than three firms for getting free quotes that match your budget.
  • The initial stage of the relocation process starts with searching for a good full-service moving company. We can begin your relocation task with our support.

7. Who Are The Ideal Packers And Movers In Hyderabad Near Me?

  • Garuda Cargo Packers and Movers Hyderabad: 1-8-1C, Seetharamapuram, Old Bowenpally, Hyderabad–500011.
  • Skylark Packers and Movers Hyderabad: 30/49, Ground floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Hyderabad–500072.
  • First-class cargo packers and movers Hyderabad: P.No.-398, Green Fields, Lal Bazar Kanajiguda, Medchal–Malkajgiri, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana –500015.
  • Jain Packers And Movers Hyderabad: Shop No: 4, Road No: 5 & 7, Sagar Colony, Tirumalgherry Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana–500015.
  • Maruti Home Relocation Movers and Packers Hyderabad: 8-7-177/28, Swarnadhama Nagar, Dairy Farm Road Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad, Telangana–500011.
  • Diamond Home Logistics Packers and Movers Hyderabad: #1-6-46/32/128, Alwal GHMC Dammaiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana–500011.

8. In What Aspect Can I Determine The Bike Or Car Transportation Costs?

  • Depending upon the size or model of the car or bike, the cost is calculated. Usually, there is a normal cost for packaging and shifting a typical model bike or car. However, a larger, high-model, top racing bike or car will cost more according to the additional standard of protection as well as wrapping necessity.
  • Purchasing car or bike insurance will raise the total price of transportation, but it also allows you to quickly sue when they get damages.
  • The travel range between your bike or car pick-up location and the drop-off location can also have an impact on your vehicle cost from the transportation company.

9. What Considerations Influence The Costs Of Office Relocation In Hyderabad?

  • The quantity of office items determines the charge of packaging as well as relocating the full office.
  • Furthermore, the nature and form of office things have a significant impact on the charge office relocation service in Hyderabad.
  • When estimating the charge, the distance between the current place and the delivered location plays a major role in deciding the cost of the relocation service.

10. What Is The Difference Between Unprofessional And Professional Packers And Movers?

  • Unprofessional packers and movers never show you the legitimate certificates, and they may be hesitant to disclose service taxation, ownership identity, and other information. But the professional packers and movers will show you all the legitimate papers without any hesitation.
  • Unprofessional packers and movers do not own an official business web page and online platform accounts. But the professional packers and movers always own their own official online identity.
  • Unprofessional packers and movers do not get a permanent office address, but professional packers and movers always have a permanent business address.
  • Unprofessional packers and movers will get vehicles and utilize rental equipment. But professional packers and movers will own trucks as well as moving equipment.

IBA Apporved Packers And Movers in Hyderabad List

# Transport Operator's Name Code No Address City Pincode State Routes Served Recommendation valid till
1 ACM Cargo Movers Pvt. Ltd. HYA-1880 House No.16-2-705/9/11, A, 1st Floor, Vasavi Bank Head Office Building, Malkapet, Hyderabad 500036 Telangana All Over India 31-05-2025
2 Align Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. HYA-1972 #16-2-677/2, Flat No.501 Tirumala Towers, 5th Floor, Judges Colony Malakpet Hyderabad 500036 Telangana All Over India 31-01-2024
3 Awagaman Road Carriers Limited CAA-951 Room No-302A, Paigah Plaza, 3rd Floor, Basheer Bagh.Tobacco House, Room No. 501, 5th Floor,1, Old Court House Corner, Hyderabad 500063 Telangana West Bengal, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Delhi & Madhya Pradesh 31-05-2025
4 Bharatiya Roadlines Private Limited HYB-1289 211 - 212, Raghava Ratna Towers,Chirag Ali Lane, ABIDS, Hyderabad 500001 Telangana All Over India 31-05-2025
5 Continental Multimodal Terminals Private Limited HYC-2325 6-3-713, 1st Floor, Topaz Building, Punjagutta, Hyderabad 500082 Telangana Telangana, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat 30-06-2024
6 Cosmo Carrying Pvt. Ltd. HYC-1122 D.No.15-1-503-1-5,Old Feelkhana, Hyderabad 500012 Telangana All Over India 30-06-2025
8 Global Freight Carriers HYG-1270 301, Shanta Heights,A to D,16-11-19/9, AD2,Saleem Nagar, Opp. Malakpet Police Station Hyderabad 500036 Telangana All Over India 31-01-2025
9 Jayakumari Logistics Pvt. Ltd. HYJ-2385 Flat No. 203, Abhinav Arcade, Daramkaram Road, Ameerpet, Opp. Challa HospitalMNO 7-5-11, Plot no. 44, Pandurangapuram, Beach Road, Hyderabad 500016 Telangana All Over India 30-11-2025
10 Lalita Logistics and Agencies Pvt. Ltd. HYL-2333 6-3-542/1, Flat No 103, Golden Green Apts, Panjagutta # 59 1st Floor Meenabal Salai, Krisna Murthy Nagar, Kodugaiyar Hyderabad 500082 Telangana All Over India 31-08-2024
11 Manchukonda Prakasham Industries India Pvt. Ltd. HYM-2046 6-3-347/12/A/12/3, Dwarakapuri Colony Punjagutta Hyderabad 500082 Telangana All Over India 31-10-2025
12 Padmashri Road Lines HYP-1743 Flat No. 103, ROIs, Varushini Mansion, Deepthishri Nagar, Miyapur Hyderabad 500050 Telangana Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh 31-01-2025
13 Pilania Road Carriers HYP-953 16-11-19/9 A-D, Shanta Heights Building, 3rd Floor, Besides Malakpet Post Office, Saleem Nagar, Malakpet Hyderabad 500036 Telangana All Over India 30-09-2025
14 PRC Logistics Private Limited HYP-1032 #16-2-677/2, Flat No. 501, Tirumala Towers,5th Floor, Judges Colony,Malakpet Hyderabad 500036 Telangana All Over India 31-10-2026
15 RCI Logistics Pvt. Ltd. SDR-1017 RCI House, 2nd Floor, SY No.83, NH-7, Near Kompally Bridge, Kompally Hyderabad 500014 Telangana All Over India 31-08-2026
16 Sri Lakshmi Road Transport Company HYS-1878 Door No.24-87/10, Lakshmi Narayana Colony, I.D.A, Uppal, No.248, MLA's Colony, Road No.12, Banjara Hills Hyderabad 500039 Telangana Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka 30-04-2025
17 Sri Pragati Transports HYS-1262 3-220 to 222/PP/202 Pragati Pride Phase II Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills (P.O.) Hyderabad 500033 Telangana Telangana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka 28-02-2025
18 Transwell Express Logistics (P) Ltd. HYT-2005 304, Lake Melody, Somajiguda, Lake Melody, Hyderabad Hyderabad 500082 Telangana All Over India 30-09-2024
19 VRH Logistics Private Limited HYV-2038 16-2-146/26, Flat No.301,3rd Floor Laxmi Residency, Anand Nagar, Malakpet Hyderabad 500036 Telangana All Over India 31-07-2025