Your Little Guide To Pre Move Survey Before Relocation

Your Little Guide To Pre Move Survey Before Relocation

What is the Pre Move survey?

A pre-move survey is essential to chart out the payout plan for your relocation. This is a procedure in which the movers and packers company men survey your home and belongings to assess the cost of your relocation. Also, they try to assess if you need any third party help or professional services to move. For instance, you require professionals to unplug your refrigerator, etc. So, overall pre-move is all about having an overview of things to understand the time and cost to be taken out for movement.

Pre Move Survey

Tips for Pre Move survey:

Free Quotation:

You can have a quotation for free from any packing and moving company. This is something which is given by reputed companies and they do not charge a single penny for this. Take such a quotation from 3-4 different companies, and this will help you compare rates and then choose one service provider who is the most beneficial and cheap for you.

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Time In Hand:

Do make sure that you have enough time before your actual move to have the pre-move survey done. If you shift in a rush, then this won’t be possible. So, pre-plan things to make your movement more efficient. Also, this allows you to check every nook and corner of your house.

Extra Items:

Do make sure that you inform your service provider about the items which are not to be taken to your destination home. This will also have a significant impact on the value of your estimate. So, things that you will sell or do not plan to carry forward, you should leave them anyway and tell your moving surveyor about the same.

Other Places:

If you have such things to move that you have not kept in your own house but in a godown or somewhere else. Do take your surveyor to that place too so that the figure of estimates does not get messed up. Also, it is imperative to inform your service provider about the same that you will be taking him to different locations. It is so because this way they will schedule their time accordingly.

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Policy Of Employer:

If you are moving on the company’s or your employer’s cost, then do inform your employer about this pre move survey. They shall let you know then as to what is covered in your policy and whatnot. Things that are not covered will be something you may need to pay for on your own.

Hidden Costs:

If there is any hidden cost that your relocation company charges you without your consent is known as a hidden cost. But if you have a pre-move survey done, then you are good to go and at the beneficial end because you can ask about all of such costs beforehand.

This is what makes pre-move survey an integral part of movement and relocation. It gives you a fair idea of the costs involved and how it will be executed on the ground.

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