How to Pack Without Bubble Wrap: Never Buy Bubble Wrap Again

How to Pack Without Bubble Wrap: Never Buy Bubble Wrap Again

You should keep in mind generally that you can not move your items in the absence of good wrapping supplies to securely safeguard all of your items when you bring them to the new house. You may want your things to be in good condition till you arrive in the new place, so you will be ready to use some money for buying the proper wrapping supplies.

After you are ready for beginning the process of wrapping the fragile things, you may think to utilize many bubble wraps for protection and keep your breakable things safe during transportation. Bubble wrap could be a great supply to give the leading assurance for any things like glass items and other delicate things.

Even though the usage of bubble wrap gives many advantages, utilizing them to preserve delicate products has a significant disadvantage. It is a comparatively expensive cost including the wrapping supplies. Using money on luxury things of packing materials may give you to struggle, particularly if you are relocating on a minimal income.

In this kind of situation, the primary aim here is simply to apply clever cost-cutting strategies which enable everything to be possible. So, you must only pay for things that you absolutely need, instead of spending on bubble wrap.

You may use bubble wrap or may not use bubble wrap. It’s up to your choice, but getting the knowledge of bubble wrap regarding the benefit, non-benefits, and alternative usage of packing materials.

Benefit Of Using Bubble Wrap

Highly Rated Degree Of Security:

The method of bubble wrap creation is through capturing air. It assures that the wrapping has excellent bouncing properties. The flexible air bubbles produce a strong security barrier while wrapping over special things, absorbing any hazardous natural events like earthquakes, waves, and especially severe hard blows. The bubble wraps help to secure the delicate goods against filth, as well as wetness when they are being moved.


Bubble wrap may be a lightweight item. It has the benefit of not adding to the overall shipping weight. The lengthy moving process assesses the cost of shipping depending on the overall weight of your belongings.


It is additionally popular for its undeniable degree of adaptability. Bubble wrap will firmly pack the delicate things, in this manner framing thick defensive packages that will protect from damage during transportation. All you want is to utilize the air pocket wrap packages.

Great Entertainment:

It’s a huge amount of fun to crush the plastic stuff. Furthermore, it provides a slight physiological action that helps to relieve the tension of relocating.

It is extremely simple and easy to utilize bubble wrap because of its customization. Whatever the forms and dimensions of the goods you wish to preserve, the ideal padding solution may wrap them securely and make them into secure parcels and be able to endure the harsh pressures of residential relocation.

You can try to get them when you follow the following steps for wrapping your delicate items. If you want to relocate, you can get free bubble wrap sometimes when you try.

How to Get Free Bubble Wrap

Try To Get Free From Your Buddies, Colleagues, Relatives, And Neighbors:

if they used them for their relocation process, and if they still have anything like bubble wrap, you can get bubble wrap from them. Nowadays, you can use social media to share your requirements, you may use Facebook, and WhatsApp to ask the free bubble wraps.

Try To Get From The Stores:

Many stores use bubble wrap for the shipment of various products and after finishing the shipment process, the leftover or unwrapped bubble wraps are there. You can ask them whether they have any unusable bubble wrap. If they have anything like that, you can get it for free.

Try To Use Online Sites:

Many websites online offer sometimes free bubble wrap. If you find anything like that by searching online, you can get the chance to have free bubble wraps.

The Non-Benefit Of Using Bubble Wrap:

As you may observe, utilizing bubble wrap throughout the wrapping procedure offers numerous undeniable benefits, particularly while transferring a larger amount of important items.

Wrapping many of the cooking utensils, for instance, may necessitate a considerable quantity of sheets to ensure that nothing is destroyed throughout transportation. But, there are some drawbacks. There must be aware of this before buying some big wrappers.

Toxic Environment:

If the bubble wrap is constructed of plastic sheets, it is rarely recyclable. Simply put, once you’ve finished unwrapping the belongings at your new house, you’ll require to be cautious about the way you discard the leftover bubble wrap. Of certainly, environmentally friendly bubble wrap is available, although this is extra costlier than normal bubble wrap.

Total Cost:

Bubble wrap costs differ based on how you get it. The quantity, shape, and supplier all have an impact on the pricing. You may buy eco-friendly wrap which is extra costly overall when you want to reduce your ecological effect while shifting things.

Decomposable Thing:

It’s worth noting since not all bubble wrap is eco-friendly. Try utilizing unbroken bubble wrap following recent relocation and buying reusable bubble wrap to reduce your environmental effect.

Instead of using bubble wrap, you may use the below-mentioned materials for wrapping your fragile items or breakable items:

Sometimes getting the free bubble wrap is a tough task. You may not easily find the free bubble wrap. When you have a short period to relocate, searching for free bubble wrap makes you spend more time on that.

At the same time, if you buy them from the shop, you may feel it is too costly. And for just a single time usage, spending more money is a waste. At that point in time, you may use the alternative idea for packing your fragile, delicate, or breakable items without getting fear of damage to them.

Try To Use The Wrapping Paper For Packing Your Delicate Items:

Instead of using bubble wrap, it is the right option to pack your delicate items. Wrapping paper can protect your things from any damage, dirt, moisture, etc. It is a cushioning type. So, you do not need to worry about your fragile items while in transportation because it will protect your things properly. It is cheaper to buy. So, you can easily purchase it within your budget.

Try To Use The Blanket For Packing Your Delicate Items:

A blanket also is the right option for packing fragile items. It gives more protection for your valuable items because of its soft padding type material. You can use the moving blanket only when it is necessary for packing delicate items because sometimes the moving blanket is costlier than bubble wrap.

But you have another option, you may use the normal blanket in the house. Instead of moving blankets, you can use your household blanket for giving cushioning effects to the breakable items. You can use a house blanket to wrap the delicate things. Instead of using many bubble wraps, using a household blanket is easy as well as safe.

Try To Use a Newspaper Or Magazine For Protecting Your Delicate Items:

An old newspaper or magazine is useful to fill up the gap in the packing boxes. It will give a good padding effect to fragile items while it is in the box. But, you can use it as a second layer, not as the first layer due to its link.

Try To Use Socks For Protecting Your Glass Items:

You may also use socks as a good option instead of wrapping them with bubble wrap. For example, if you have glass items, you can fill things like kitchenware inside the clean as well as thick socks. Place them inside the newspaper-padded moving boxes for its protection. You do not waste too much money on buying the packing materials. Instead of spending too much money, you can use this type of option for wrapping glass things.

Try To Use Old Clothes Or Bedsheets For Protecting The Delicate Items:

You can buy packing materials, but they will be costly to buy. Bubble wrap is also expensive to purchase for packing things. At this point, you can use old clothes and bedsheets. Whenever you decide to relocate, never throw your old clothes and bedsheets. Because you may use them as the best wrapping material instead of using bubble wrap. Old clothes and bedsheets are not only used for packing delicate things but they will also be used for padding the moving boxes.

Try To Use The Towel For Protecting The Delicate Things:

A towel is also a good option to wrap delicate things because of its thickness. Especially bath towel is the best alternative for bubble wrap. The towel will be used for wrapping as well as padding. But you should remember an important matter the bath towel is heavy when compared to bubble wrap.

Alternative materials for bubble wrap do not mean that you do not use them. Bubble wrap is one of the useful packing materials. Because of its air-filled type wrap, it will give more protection to your valuable items but at the same time, if you do not get a chance to use them as wrapping material, you may use alternative materials.

If you can buy bubble wrap within your budget, or you can get a chance of having free bubble wrap, it is the best option for packing your fragile or delicate items. But in case your budget is tight, there is nothing wrong with using alternative materials for wrapping your valuable or breakable items.