How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company

How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company

Moving is an interesting task for those who want to do house shifting. But at the same time, there is a chance to feel the stress of moving. Do you know why the people feel the stress? It is because when they are supposed to experience damage or accident during the shifting. Then, insurance coverage will lend its hand to cover our damage. We are going to understand here how to claim house shifting damages from an insurance company.

1. Complete Knowledge About Your Insurance Policy:

You must have proper knowledge about the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Moreover, you need to know what is covered, the claim limits, and the deductible amount. Before starting your claim, you should know all the details regarding your insurance policy.

2. Collect The Evidence About The Damages:

Do you find any damages during the house-shifting process? Once you have found it, you need to collect the evidence thoroughly. You have to take photographs or video of where you find the damage. These records will help you to claim the insurance easily.

3. Inform The Insurance Company About Your Damage Immediately:

Once you collect all the evidence you have to inform your insurance company about it. Immediately, you can contact the customer service helpline or the agent. You have to explain to them about the damage you faced during the house shifting process once you approached. Furthermore, you have to submit all the details such as your policy number, date of incident, and complete details about the damage.

4. Written Format Will Strengthen Your Claim:

If you submit your claim in the written form, it will be more powerful. Because many insurance companies prefer written claims overall. So you need to prepare a formal letter with proper mention of the damages and other details. You can also attach the evidence with that written claim which makes it easy to make them understand what happened.

5. Get The Professional Estimates:

If you get a professional estimation from a reliable service provider regarding your damage, it will be easy for you when you make a settlement with the insurance company.

6. Give Your Cooperation During The Investigation:

The insurance company will start the investigation once you fill out a claim. Then,e you need to give full cooperation to them. You have to answer them clearly if they ask you questions regarding damage. Moreover, you need to submit the documentation properly if they need it. Your cooperation during the investigation time will speed up the process.

7. Negotiate The Settlement Process With The Insurance Company:

After the proper investigation procedure, you may get a settlement offer from the insurance company. You should evaluate the offer carefully. You should examine whether the settlement offer is right for your damage. In case you are not satisfied with the settlement offer, you can negotiate with them to get a fair settlement. But you should keep in mind, that during the negotiation, you have to maintain proper decency.

8. Go For Legal Assistance If You Need:

However many of you do not get satisfaction during the negotiation process. So the next step is to get legal assistance by approaching a lawyer. However, seeking legal assistance may lead you to spend something extra. It is a time-consuming process too.

Documents Necessary For Insurance Claim:

Whenever you go for an insurance claiming process for house shifting damage, you have to keep some documents. Let’s see what they are.

1. Claim Form:

Once you approach the insurance company, they will give you a form to be filled out. You should fill the form with proper information and keep them safe till you submit them

2. Proof Of Insurance:

When you take insurance for house shifting damages, you may get an insurance policy copy. Once you face damage during the house shifting process, you should provide the same copy to the insurance company. It will support you in getting eligibility for the claim file.

3. Damage Report:

You need to prepare a formal report regarding the incident. In that report, you have to include the date, time, location, and a detailed explanation about the damage you faced.

4. Video And Photo Records:

Video and photos of the damaged items play a crucial role in claiming insurance. So you need to take photos and videos from various angles to clearly show the damaged items.

5. Inventory List:

You must prepare the damaged items inventory list during the house shifting process. With that list, you need to include the description of the items, their value, and their purchasing date.

6. Invoice And Receipt Of Purchasing The Items:

You have to provide the invoice and receipt for the damaged items to the insurance company. It will be helpful to validate the value of the items and proof of your ownership.

7. Repair Estimation:

It is important to keep repairing the estimation that you got from a reliable service provider. It will be helpful to support your claim regarding the damaged items.

8. Police Report:

During the household shifting process, if you are supposed to face theft or any other criminal incident, you have to file a complaint at the police station. If you keep a police report with your insurance claim document, it will add credibility to your claim.

9. Additional Documents:

You can add the invoice of the moving company you booked for house shifting.

Top 3 Tips For A Smooth Claiming Process With The Insurance Company:

  1. You should inform the insurance company as soon as you find the damage. It will help you to claim fast.
  2. Following the claim process is very important. You have to provide accurate information about the house shifting damage. It is possible to create a smooth beginning in the claim process.
  3. Next, you need to follow open communication with the insurance company. Yes, throughout the claiming process, it is crucial to keep in touch with them and respond to them promptly. It will increase the chance of speeding up the process.

Importance Of Insurance Coverage And Its Kind During The House Shifting Task:

Many of you do know why insurance coverage is important during the shifting procedure. Only after facing the loss, you will be worried about why you would not take up the insurance. It is quite natural to realize the causes only after facing the issue. But, if you get proper knowledge about the matter, you can save yourself from big loss.

Yes, insurance coverage is essential when you shift your house from one location to another. It will protect you from facia ng financial crisis regarding the damage of your items. For example, during the transit process, your things are supposed to deal with natural calamities, accidents, theft, etc. Once you take insurance coverage, you can claim insurance if you face any of the damage in your items.

Moreover, there are two types of insurance you can take based on your convenience. One is weight-based insurance and the other is valuation-based insurance. If you take weight-based insurance, you can claim the coverage based on your items’ weight. If you take valuation-based insurance, you can receive compensation for the item’s value as calculated before your movement.

Overall, insurance coverage is an essential step for protecting you against financial loss.

Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid When You Claim The Insurance:

  • First of all delay in informing the insurance company about your house shifting damage. It will lead you to face sometimes claim rejection.
  • If you do not have proper evidence such as a photo or video regarding the house shifting damage, it will be difficult to proceed further in the claiming process.
  • When you do not have a proper inventory list in your hand or missing any important thing, it will make you face disputes.
  • From the start to the end of your communication with the insurance company should be recorded. If you fail to concentrate on it, it will end up in a misunderstanding with the insurance company.
  • Not getting proper knowledge about the terms and conditions of the insurance when you take, it will not give you a smooth experience when you claim.

The above-mentioned mistakes are very important to avoid when you claim insurance for house shifting damage.

Moving your house is not an easy job. You need to concentrate more on everything. In these circumstances, taking the insurance coverage will protect you and make you concentrate on the rest of the moving task without worry. Above all, claiming insurance coverage needs more patience to make it a successful one.  If you follow the above-mentioned ideas, you can easily claim insurance for your house shifting damage.


What Is The Time Limit For An Insurance Claim?

The time limit may vary based on the policy you have taken. Therefore, it is better to read the terms and conditions carefully. A complete understanding of the policy will help you to claim the insurance as soon as possible.

Is FIR Mandatory For Insurance Claims?

Many insurance company needs to have FIR copies for processing the insurance. So it is advisable to keep the FIR copy in hand when you claim for insurance.

Can I Claim Insurance After 6 Months?

Generally, many insurance companies will reject the claim 6 months after the incident. Because every policyholder has a certain timeframe to follow.

What Is The Insurance For The Movement Of Goods?

Transit insurance will protect your household things when they are in movement.