How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company

How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company

How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company
How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company

When you transfer goods from one place to another, there is always a fair chance that the goods can get lost or be damaged due to the hurdles in the course of transportation. However, you always have a clause of getting your goods insured beforehand to save yourself from the loss of damage.

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For getting your goods insured, you can talk to your service provider about the terms and kinds of insurance available to you.

Here we list down some steps on How To Claim House Shifting Damages From An Insurance Company:-

Click And Keep Evidence:

Image evidence:

As soon as the goods and belongings, reach your doorstep, it is advisable to check if they are damaged or not. If you find any damage just click a picture of the same immediately. The picture should be clear enough to be used as evidence.

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Damage evidence:

Also, it is important to keep the pictures of the damage and the other evidence as well. For instance, the goods that have been damaged need to keep the goods exactly in that damaged condition. If glass pieces have got broken, you have to recollect all the broken pieces and keep them with yourself for evidence.

Contract evidence:

The next evidence and the most important one can be the agreement of relocation. Do keep the insurance contract too. You may be asked to furnish the same with its clauses when you claim compensation.

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Drafting Complaint:

This needs a lot of clarity and cautiousness on your part as it’s the most tricky part while you try to claim compensation for the goods insured.

Reviewing terms and conditions:

The very initial step is to review the terms and conditions that your contract comes with. Some items are a “must mention” in a moving agreement. These are Estimates, Order of Service, Bill of Lading, Inventory list, etc.

Kind of Insurance:

It is important to make sure and review the kind of insurance your company has provided your goods with. If it’s weight-based insurance, then howsoever costly your goods may be, the company is only liable for the payment of the weight of goods damaged. Another kind is the valuation insurance, in this, a certain amount is paid to you against the damage, as calculated before the relocation.

Information to company:

What you should do next is to inform the company that you are filling the complaint form. Most companies have a process for this that they will let you know. And some companies may also ask you to let them come and view the things as part of the inspection.

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Filing The Complaint:

The process to be followed:

There is a specific time under which you have to file a complaint against the company. You need to follow the due process that the company offers, in the course of insurance compensation. File the complaint according to it and at the same time attach all the evidence duplicate copies along with your form. Also, keep the photocopy of your application along with you, in case the company denies the receipt of the same.

Small disputes resolution court:

If the company seems not ready to pay for the compensation or pays partly, your complaint needs a full valuation. Then, you can consider moving to the small disputes resolution court for the part of the compensation denied. It may take a little time but they will compensate you for sure.

This is the process of how you need to follow for claiming insurance of your belongings. Do wrote it to us if you have any queries about the same.

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