Where to Donate Old Clothes When You’re Relocate to New City (NGOs In India)

Where to Donate Old Clothes When You’re Relocate to New City (NGOs In India)

Arranging and filtering your wardrobe will relieve your burden during your move. Dresses, you may not need, may be given as a donation which will enable you to prepare more efficiently. Donate your reusable clothes if you think they are useful to someone.

Carrying necessary things is easy when you make your shift. Giving your contribution to the welfare of needy people is sometimes a perfect choice if you’re relocating.

Where to Donate Old Clothes When You’re Relocate to New City

Your Donation Should Be Beneficial:

Among the most important considerations is that the clothes you like to give should always be beneficial to others. You can’t donate anything which is not of proper quality. Give only the clothes that are already of excellent quality, usable, washed, and suitable for regular use. When you’re considering whether to give your contribution, keep in mind that somebody will need those clothes.

Here Are The Names Of Some Organizations Which Accept Clothing Donations.

Some Indian-Based Organizations:

Mahesh Foundation:

Mahesh Foundation

This organization is working to improve the lives of HIV/AIDS-affected kids and adolescents. They need all types of clothes which are required at their ashram, which has around 40 kids. The location of this organization is in Belgaum.

Address: 792/1, Siddeshwar Nagar, Kanabargi, Belagavi – 590015 Karnataka State.

Ph No. : 7353767637 / 8494945327

Website: www.maheshfoundation.in

Clothes For Help (Pune And Kolkata):

Clothes For Help

When you decide to contribute your clothing, the organization collects them and ensures that the person knows its necessity and provides them. Members of the organization care for various shantytowns to make the clothes meet the requirement of needy people. Some clothes may be nothing to you right now, but they may spread joy when other needy people get to use them.

Address: 22 Saktigarh Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata- 700032

Ph No.: 033-40048442/ 860527-255

Share At Door Step (Bangalore):

Share At Door Step

After that, you’ve figured out the clothing, go to the SADS website, choose the NGO from the list that fits your contribution, then arrange a transfer of clothes.

Address: 560034 Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Ph No. : 08884784742

Website: sadsindia.org

The Open House:

It is a Chennai-based organization. The organization is looking for usable garments and realizes that leftover clothes should be given the opportunity. They filter the clothes, clean them up, and fix them before providing them to needy people. They move a little further and pack those clothes as a nice present. The activity of the organization is going on.

Apang Manav Mandal (Amm), Ahmedabad:

Apang Manav Mandal

Go to AMM if you have clothes of satisfactory quality. The dedication of AMM shows through its activity to the happiness of the differently-abled and takes care of their necessities.

Address: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Road, B/h. ATIRA, Ahmedabad-380015, Gujarat, India.

Ph No. : 079-26302643

Website: amm-india.org

The – Sara:

The – Sara

It is one of India’s most reputable non-governmental organizations, operating on a myriad of subjects and attempting to improve the standards of people. They depend on the goodwill of people from several places to assist them in carrying out their missions of suicide prevention, crisis support, and mental healthcare.

If you want to donate clothes, it will be greatly appreciated. You will get a chance to assist them in fulfilling the needs of people. They need your help and a donation to keep their project going. Clothes are appropriate. Jammu is the venue. You can donate there.

Address: 106 Apna Vihar Housing Colony, Kunjwani, Jammu Tawi – 180010

Ph No. : 9419191666

Website: thesara.org.in

Forever Foundation:

Forever Foundation

They are a non-profit organization focused on people’s growth. They aim to give free education and train their skills. It will be helpful to their living. So, you can also give your contribution by donating clothes. They can provide these clothes to the people who are in need, and you can also directly give your participation in the distribution process. This NGO is in Rajasthan.

Address: A-2, Vijay Path, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302004

Ph No. : 8890491990

Website: foreverfoundation.in

Uday Foundation:

Uday Foundation

A little act from your side would help poor and marginalized individuals live comfortably during the harsh summer and winter climates. You can help them by donating your clothes. Kids and youth in clinics, kids residing close to railway lines, near bridges, kids of regular workers at building sites, and economically disadvantaged kids in medical centers are all beneficiaries of your clothing donation. Some clothes may not fit if your small children are growing so fast. In this situation, the Uday Foundation is a perfect place to offer your kids unfit clothes. You can make donations of baby’s old pieces and clothes to them and give your contribution. It is in Delhi.

Address: Uday Foundation: 233, Block – D, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi 110017

Ph No. : 011-41098444 / 011-26561333/444

Website: www.udayfoundation.org

Clothes Box Foundation:

Clothes Box Foundation

It is in Haryana. This foundation accepts clothing and distributes it to those in need. CBF connects donors and beneficiaries via social media. The recipient is pictured and posted on CBF’s social media page, allowing contributors to see how useful their clothes are to someone. CBF addresses the issue of openness with cheerful clarity by allowing supporters to see the receivers via social media, allowing even more donations to step forth and spread awareness. CBF is also the best place for your cloth donation. You can support them by giving your used clothes to those who require them.

Ph No. : 78383-71356

Website: www.clothesboxfoundation.org

The Above-Mentioned Organizations Are In The Country To Make Your Donation Easier:

So, if you’re cleaning out your wardrobe before your major move, the organizations listed above will be grateful for your clothing donations. You won’t be upset about what you donated and wouldn’t feel bad when you finish with a tidy and organized wardrobe.

Obtaining each piece of clothing in your life is a difficult task. You have earned everything solely through your hard work. So don’t throw away your clothes. As you shift, if you have extra clothes, and they are still available, you can support others by donating them. Donating clothes will also help you save money during tax season. Later, you can subtract the cost of your contribution from your taxation with the receipt of your donation.

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