List Of NGOs Where You Can Make Old Furniture Donation

List Of NGOs Where You Can Make Old Furniture Donation

If you decide to make your shift or move to some other place, it is the right time for you to give your furniture contribution. If you are ready to purchase new furniture, you can say “goodbye” to your old furniture.

There are a lot of non-profit organizations and foundations that would happily receive your donations. You may choose the place which is ready to accept your donation of this furniture if you are unable to carry those things to a new home.

Compile a chart of what you are going to contribute. There are still others in need, therefore, search for the right charities. You may decide to support organizations, but you have to understand that any donation is an expression of gratitude.

List Of NGO Where You Can Make Furniture Donation

Share At Door Step (Sads):

SADS India is a social venture that welcomes all the old furniture which should be re-usable. They accept the donation of furniture and support to individuals and organizations. At this pandemic time, it is to assist underprivileged people in slums around major cities. The donated goods are distributed directly to the NGOs according to their needs.


Wishing Well:

It is an organization that links institutions with donors, funding, and programs. They welcome fresh and re-usable furniture and transfer it to the required non-governmental organization (NGO) through their service.



It aims to eradicate poverty and improve the poor’s dignity. Benches, seats, shelves, sheets, curtains, bins, and other furniture are acceptable. Other items such as baby strollers and baby cots, air-conditioning and heaters, walking sticks, suitcases, household appliances, and so on are also suitable. So, you can donate these types of items here.


Goodwill India:

You should welcome Goodwill India, a charitable organization that is working voluntarily and gathering used furniture from all over Pune and providing it to the poor and underprivileged. They are willing to take furniture which is in good condition. This is your opportunity to help and feel happy about your contribution to those in need, and give your hands to others.


Pune Blind School:

It is a residential school for the blind based on trust, honesty, experience, and dedication. They provide quality education to them.

Grain, groceries, utensils, Braille appliances, dress, new clothes, and other items to be donated. Especially if you are willing to give your furniture, it is most welcome here. They are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of visually disabled students.


Donate Aid Society (Pune):

They are a community of mission-driven individuals who solve a variety of challenging global, environmental, and academic concerns. Establishing a fair relationship through the practice of sharing and raising humanity’s consciousness to the benefit of the individuals and underserved. They work as a platform for individuals and social organizations who are interested in creating a big change in the world.

Computers, tablets, learning aids, chairs, bicycles, electronics, home appliances, and so on are all items and furniture that can be donated here.


Sewa Bharti Delhi:

Sewa Bharti is a non-profit organization. Its ambitious strategy is to improve health, reduce poverty, and education of poor people with the support of people like you. Campaign for the improvement of needy people give a skilled course to youths, support people to come out of poverty and give them safe lives. Furniture is acceptable here. So you can donate your furniture easily.


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Asha Bhawan (Haryana):

The Asha Bhawan Trust of India is a non-governmental organization dedicated to rebuilding young families, particularly those on the verge of homelessness and socioeconomic disadvantages. For that reason, they provide a clean, organized atmosphere in which all those seeking a new start in life can do so. They are willing to take the furniture.


Donating furniture would benefit a large number of people who need it, and it’s also a great idea for maintaining a tidy, clutter-free residence. If you carry something in, particularly like a big piece of new furniture, make it a point to put something out as well. On the other hand, if you think to help someone, please check your furniture works properly.

When you plan for your furniture donation, there are a few things to consider:

The Quality Of Your Furniture:

your products must be in reasonable condition. If you’re confused about whether your thing is suitable for donation, you can approach the organization personally to inquire. Many donation websites have a chart of what they support and what they don’t.

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