How To Measures To Prevent The Goods From Being Stolen

How To Measures To Prevent The Goods From Being Stolen

While the packers and movers seldom commit such mistakes but your belongings always stand with a 50-50 risk probability of it being damaged or stolen. Measures To Prevent The Goods From Being Stolen.

How To Measures To Prevent The Goods From Being Stolen Informational Infographic

So, in our customer’s or potential customer’s interest, we hereby list some preventive measures in order to save your belongings from being stolen in the course of movement:-

5 Point How To Measures To Prevent The Goods From Being Stolen

1: Image Of Goods:

It is imperative to have a picture clicked of all your belongings a day before transportation. A day before because you may feel heavy and you may become forgetful immediately on the day of transportation. It will be too difficult for you to click a picture on the same day so do it beforehand. Also, make sure you click a picture of the goods being loaded and while they are being taken away from your previous location. This will be a good part of your evidence in case you have to challenge it in the Court of Law.

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2: Signature After Verification:

When your goods are delivered to your new place, do check and verify if all your goods have been safely delivered or not. Do not sign the inventory list without checking ever. You may even be hurried and think the packers have to go to their next location. But do remember, you are paying for the entire process of loading to unloading safely. So, don’t make decisions in haste. Also, to ensure you are safe, you have to have a contract done on paper by both parties. And duly check and sign every item and not just a collective sign for all.

3: Verify The Company:

The service provider that you choose to hire for your belongings should be a well-established company. It is advisable to check if the company has a physical office or not. Also, the company should have good reviews and ratings from its customers. If it is a good company, it won’t hesitate to have a written contract.

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4: Terms And Conditions:

The most important thing to prevent your valuables from being stolen is to have their terms and conditions well-read. You should read whether they are ready to ensure your goods or not, if they provide insurance then on which basis(weight or price), whether they are responsible for theft or damage or vice versa. All of this should be duly checked beforehand.


5: Carry The Valuables:

We all have some luxury goods with us that we cannot entrust to anyone, whether it be packers and movers or anybody else. So, it is important to carry them with you wherever you move. For instance, jewelry or some imported and rare showpiece. If you can’t risk it to the logistics company, do take it with you in the vehicle you are traveling with.

These are some precautions one can take in order to save their goods from being stolen in the process of relocation. We wish you a happy and safe relocation to your new destination.