How to Improve Home Security: Tips & Strategies

How to Improve Home Security: Tips & Strategies

Installing security measures is undoubtedly less enjoyable than furnishing your new house. However, there are break-ins every second, therefore home security should be a primary concern. Here are 10 priceless suggestions for enhancing your home security so you can get back to the fun part.

Infographic on How to Improve Home Security

Secure The Entranceway:

Secure The Entranceway

Although it’s a bit difficult to imagine, robbers frequently access a house through the front door of your house. Due to improper door security, the majority of robbers visit through the front entrance, and many of them just walk in.

There are several ways to safeguard your front entrance, which is why it’s so important to do so:

Strengthen your locks, putting in a deadbolt in specific. Since they contain a distinctive locking mechanism that can’t be pulled back into the bolt and prevents unauthorized access, deadbolts are particularly secure. Don’t forget to include a strike plate in addition to the deadbolt. Additionally, it guarantees that even if they shatter a window, they won’t be able to carry your stuff out the front door or utilize it as a means of escape.

Alter the locks when you enter a new house. You have no idea how many copies of the keys to your new house are out there.

Secure The Garden Door Or The Rear Patio Glass Slider:

Secure The Garden Door

Along with the front door, the back or side entries that connect your garden are a common target for thieves; in fact, almost one-fourth of break-ins happen through these doors.

If your garden doors are movable doors, like those in many homes, it is advisable to take extra security precautions as they are frequently weak points. This might include a glass crack monitor that hears high-pitched sounds of shattering glass or a door sensor like a push button that will raise an alarm if anyone approaches.

While we’re talking about gardening, it’s a smart option to maintain your shrubs and plants maintained to make the area more visible to you and to deny burglars areas to hide.

Securing The Windows:

Securing The Windows

Windows, especially those on the ground floor, are a robber’s favorite way of entry into your house after the front and back doors. Off-street windows, like those on the side of the home, are especially attractive because there is less possibility that your friends or bystanders will see them. Make sure to close them at night and anytime you go out to stop them from being successful.

Reed sensors can be installed on doors so that when you activate your monitor before leaving, the alarm will alert you to any doors left open. The alternative is Crimsafe. Crimsafe has the appearance of stylish fly screen software, but it also has the added advantage of security-proofing your entrance points while allowing the wind to pass.

You might also attach glass break alarms as an enhanced security feature to emit a bell should anyone come into the building, similar to sliding garden doors.

Inspect The Internal Door From The Garage And The Interior Locks:

Inspect The Internal Door From The Garage And The Interior Locks

Burglars search for opportunities to “snatch and grab” car keys left on kitchen and foyer tables and take your vehicle while you’re fast asleep. So inspect the internal door from the garage and the interior locks. You should be very careful about the lock of the internal door because burglars may have a chance to enter your house through the internal door.

Another method, if available, is to secure the important internal doors to the rooms where valuables are kept. The primary benefit of this is that, in the case of a break-in, thieves won’t have unrestricted access to your home. They’re very likely to give up and depart once they realize all the doors in your house are locked. In a bad situation, they won’t be able to steal everything you own because they won’t have entry to every room.

Add Barriers:

CCTV Along with a working alarm system, security cameras

To create it harder for attackers to enter your property, you might place additional obstacles in and around it in addition to locks. How to do this includes

  1. By building a barrier or fortification around your house, you can clearly define the boundaries of your property and identify when somebody has approached it.
  2. Security alarm systems are quite effective; as soon as the barricade is breached, a screaming alarm will notify you, your neighbors, or the police of the situation. Alarms may be self-monitored or continuously tracked by a monitoring room.
  3. CCTV Along with a working alarm system, security cameras serve as a powerful deterrent. In addition to capturing this proof, clear photographs taken day or night gives you the means to phone the police and report a break-in that is taking place. The police want to apprehend criminals, so being informed of a confirmed live break-in can offer you more leverage to enlist their assistance in your effort to apprehend them while they’re at work.

Inspect The Garage:

Because they are frequently separated from or disconnected from your home, garages and other exterior buildings like outbuildings, farms, and other ranch house structures are frequently approached by thieves.

To make your garage more secure, start by covering the windows so those intruders with acute eyes can’t see what’s inside.

Additionally, if your garage has a digital lock, be careful to hide the password if you need to type it in front of service people, the neighborhood, etc.

Set a security alarm system, make sure this area is protected by a motion detector, and attach a rolling door relay circuit so that it will immediately sound an alarm if it is opened without first disabling the alarm.

Motion-Activated Lights:

Motion Sensor Light

For a few factors, motion-activated lights are a wonderful security solution to use in conjunction with cameras. First of all, they serve as a warning to anyone entering your house that you are vigilant about security and, even better, you have noticed their existence and are now conscious that someone is on your grounds.

Related to this, having a well-lit home not only gives the appearance that someone is home but also makes any questionable movement more obvious to you and your surroundings.

Recognize Your Neighbors:

Connecting with your neighbors is one of the most undervalued strategies to keep your house safe and secure. Knowing the locals allows you to have them watch out for your property while you watch out for theirs. Your neighbors can increase your home’s security in several ways, including:

  1. If they see any suspicious behavior in your home, they will contact you and potentially even the police.
  2. Checking in each other’s packages when they are delivered while you are away (to protect against package thieves)
  3. Likewise, receiving mail and newspapers while you’re away is a good idea (because an overloaded mailbox or a mound of newspapers on your doorstep are both clear signs to thieves that you’re not home).
  4. You might also contact your local security patrol in addition to getting to know your close neighbors. Or, if there isn’t one nearby, establish one yourself!

Putting In A Security System:

home Security System

Using a security system is the best approach to safeguard your house against burglary and theft, to sum up. Here you can find the following safety measures of the security system.

  1. Glass breaks detectors.
  2. Reed switches are used as door and window sensors.
  3. Doorstop warnings.
  4. Movement sensors.
  5. Smart timers or smart lightbulbs can switch your lights on and off for you when you’re not home, giving the impression that you are.
  6. The excellent thing is that it’s much less expensive than many people believe to establish a complete security system.

Additionally, if money is an issue, you can start by securing your home’s more vulnerable parts, such as the main doors, windows, and garage, and add to it later. It’s also crucial to understand that installing a security system will frequently lower your home insurance costs as you’re less likely to have a break-in and file a claim. A security system will eventually pay for itself, moreover, due to the added peace of mind it offers.

Install Surveillance Facilities:

security camera

The video footage captured by your security cameras enhances the chances of recognizing the intruder and recovering your items in the event of a break-in. You must need the surveillance facility. If you want to go anywhere, your surveillance will act as a guard to your house.

Nowadays you need more security for your house. To avoid any mishaps, you should give some importance to the security of your home. You can get more ways to secure your home. Some won’t cost you anything; they just require a little additional effort and attention each day, but they’ll soon become a regular part of your day. The additional peace of mind you’ll have realized your family and house are even more convenient and secure, therefore, is more significant and valuable.