How To Go With Goods Transportation In The COVID Times?

How To Go With Goods Transportation In The COVID Times?

Goods Transportation In The COVID Times

Stuck in COVID? We will help you shift!

Coronavirus is something that has turned everyone’s lives upside down! But as they say- “life goes on”. So we have come across a new and more innovative process to not let our services and your comfort get hindered.

Here’s a complete guide for COVID COMBAT:-


The very first step is to pack the products safely keeping in mind the safety of goods as well as people. So, we designed our transportation process dynamically to ensure them both. Our workers come with masks on their faces and a face shield. Alongside that, they wear gloves and still sanitize their hands before packing and moving to every house. The process causes a paucity of time as these processions demand a lot of time but as we do it, we ensure 100% reliability to all our customers. We pack your goods thereby with zero alien touches and load them on the carriage. Our workers are provided with sanitizers and are duly checked for their temperatures at regular intervals.



To ensure the safe and timely delivery of your consignment, we request you to provide us with real-time information about your destination area and the area from where you have to shift. During the lockdown and COVID scenario, the biggest challenge for us was to deliver the goods to an accurate destination. So, if your area comes under the containment zone or safe zone, you have to inform us the same beforehand. If this is done in time then we allocate such consignments to our experienced workers who can handle the situation well and hence deliver you the goods. All you have to do on your part is to come to a place where security checks are there, and collect your consignment with approval. This not just keeps your area safe but also keeps us trouble-free and on time.

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The process of loading and unloading used to be complex earlier too but we did our best to serve you. Now in the COVID times, what you can do for safety assurance is to decide whether you want our workers to be let in or not. We have trained our workers well to sustain the current pandemic but it is at the discretion of customers whether they want them to deliver things at their doorstep or want them to keep things inside. We understand the risk that you expose your family to when you interact with delivery workers who visit several states at a time. So, we have provided such way-outs for you.

Loading And Unloading


Earlier we used to provide value-added services to all our customers, like rearranging the goods in their destination house. But since the pandemic has begun, we have left it at their discretion. For your safety, we send our workers with a complete COVID combat kit in which they have spray sanitizers, temperature check gadgets, gloves, and extra masks. So, if you want us to rearrange the goods and avail the value-added services, you can do it without any worry. We take all precautionary measures to ensure your safety.

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After taking all these measures, what we feel is that our customers are key to making our services COVID-free. If you stay at a distance from our workers and if you take all the precautionary steps, then our service chain will never get hindered and the safety will be intact. We request you to have a mask on while interacting with our workers and keep sanitizing yourself at regular intervals. Also, try to interact least with any outside or alien sources. As mentioned above, please inform us beforehand of any containment zones if you are residing in one. Keep all your consignment ready at the time of transportation with a complete list of goods you want us to transport.

We wish you a safe delivery of your goods and need your support to make the same possible.