What Are The Items Movers Won’t Move (Non- Transportable items)?

What Are The Items Movers Won’t Move (Non- Transportable items)?

Generally, moving is the toughest experience, so you should understand a lot of things, particularly what you should not pack when you need the help of an expert relocation service to handle the relocation task for the proper relocation day.

Sometimes the top skilled Packers And Movers firms will not allow some things to get loaded for transportation. You may ship some items with your car only if they are legal to transport. Sometimes, you should arrange to dispose of and replace them when you find an issue with them.

You know what, you need to perform more when the relocation day comes such as considering packaging materials, making an assessment, relocating plan, deciding the exact schedule, and planning space to organize your belongings.

Movers Won't Move

At this time, you may get benefits from experienced relocation companies when you feel this relocation process sounds too stressful and needs more effort to do. But before approaching, you should get knowledge on “what are the items a qualified team of packers and movers not ready to shift”. Let’s have a look at it.

Here is a list of 31 Items Movers Won’t Move (Non-Transportable items).

  1. Plants
  2. Foods
  3. Jewelry
  4. Clinical Data
  5. Significant Papers
  6. Collections
  7. Cards
  8. Passbook
  9. Family Pictures
  10. Pets
  11. Ammunition
  12. Black Powder
  13. Primer
  14. Pesticides
  15. Propane Tanks
  16. Motor Oil
  17. Bleach
  18. Firearms
  19. Weapons
  20. Car Batteries
  21. Weed Killer
  22. Fire Extinguishers
  23. Fuels
  24. Oils
  25. Gasoline
  26. Lighter Fluid
  27. Antifreeze
  28. Stain
  29. Varnishes
  30. Scuba Tanks
  31. Stain

To manage the smooth relocation procedure, you should know these things:



Sometimes, you may try to do the transportation of plants with the assistance of a few local movers. Better, simply inquire about it. However, you may get to know some variations regarding the travel range. To move the plants above 150 miles, you need to get legalized authorization. The plant will spread the infection to some other places and may not live after pulling out of the ground, which is the main reason for not getting moved by a relocation service. So, the right idea is to leave them where it is. But it is fine to shift artificial plants.

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Your movers are not ready to transport perishable foods, including the fridge foods because it may destroy the transit due to melting or reheat, not properly protected foods, partially used foods, unsealed food, and some other fridge items.

Any type of perishable food is a no-no for movers, particularly for storage or for a long travel range.

Private Things And Treasures:

The important thing to understand is that some private things and treasures are not eligible for transport because movers will not allow things such as electronics, jewelry, clinical data, other significant papers, collections, cards, passbooks, family pictures, and many other precious things objects. Well, you can do one thing through gathering every private and high-value good before the arrival of service providers. Nowadays, many service providers arrange for your acceptance of a legal agreement when they enter your home for service.



Even though pet animals like kittens, hens, dogs are your close ones, and you wish to shift them to your new house, it is not possible on movers’ vehicles because no permission is granted in their vehicle.

The Moving Companies Do Not Permit Harmful And Illegal Items:

Whenever your movers go to fill up a pickup van, you should know that movers will strictly prohibit harmful and dangerous goods to load on their vehicles. But you may easily discard some items when you are waiting for the relocation day. Some of the harmful and dangerous items are the flammables, explosives, and corrosives items like ammunition, black powder, primer, fireworks, charcoal, kerosene, acid, batteries with acid, fertilizer, paints, aerosols, pesticides, propane tanks, motor oil, bleach, firearms, weapons, car batteries, weed killer, fire extinguishers, fuels, oils, gasoline, lighter fluid, antifreeze, oxygen bottles, stain, varnishes, scuba tanks and more.

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Possibility Of Discarding The Hazardous Things:

Visiting the nearest toxic disposal drop-off station to leave all toxic waste is a good idea. But leaving these harmful things in your garbage will endanger people and spoil the atmosphere too.

When you wish to move heavy or large things like game tables, and musical instruments, you have to get a full-service provider who is expert in handling this type of things because some moving companies will not do it due to a lack of resources or experience in handling big or heavy-sized things.

Movers Will Not Move Power Equipment With Fuel:

If you require power equipment, make the fuel tank in dry condition by depleting or operating it until it stops working with a shortage of fuel. Then only a moving company will accept them (tractors, motorbikes, motorized lawnmowers, and other related goods) for transportation.

Reasons For Not Moving Particular Things:

You may try to understand the reasons generally because particular things are dangerous and some items may be unlawful to transport; that is why the moving company will not accept them for transportation. Whenever you approach relocation service, they must have their respective form of a banned things inventory. If you know that inventory, you do not arrange those things because they will not do transportation.

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Rules For A Long And Short Distance:

Long travel range rules are severe when compared to short travel range. Better, you can get the non-transport goods inventory from the relocation service provider and also get clarification of doubts regarding the transportation. You can transport some goods (paints, food, pets, etc) by your car and check the possibility of a safe trip.

Expectations From The Movers:

All skilled and qualified moving companies will manage almost everything.

  • They can provide all packaging supplies. There is no need to acquire anything outside.
  • They can neatly wrap up your goods which do not get damaged during transportation and also do unwrapping of the goods if you request them or in the agreement about it.
  • They will use modern equipment to safely dismantle heavy furniture for shipment and also reassemble everything after reaching the new house. They will carefully arrange the things for safe transit. At the same time, they will do the unloading process too.

Now you get the knowledge about movers’ terms for not doing the transportation of certain items. But not all relocation service providers have the same inventory of non-transport items, you better call and approach the mover whom you have chosen regarding their rules and regulations.

Finally, arranging everything timely can avoid any unforeseen incidents. With the assistance of movers, have a successful relocation day.