The Best Residential Areas In Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

The Best Residential Areas In Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Due to Lucknow’s history, culture, art, music, and cuisine, it is recognized as a city with a diverse cultural heritage. Chikankari embroidery, which is a type of gorgeous needlework popular in Lucknow, is well-known. Lucknow is one of the best Tier 2 cities to live in, and it has a lot of upscale districts. Being one of the nation’s smart cities, rapid infrastructure development is currently taking place.

In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, one may find renowned historical attractions like Chattar Manzil and Rumi Darwajsa with more contemporary luxury residential areas like Gomti Nagar and Indira Nagar that are home to elite residential areas, cafes, retail malls, schools, theatres, and more.

The city is well-known for its first-rate infrastructure, which provides it with all the desirable amenities and makes it a lovely location to live. The city of Lucknow is equipped with an ideal network of interconnected roadways, expressways, and national highways that facilitate efficient transit.

In Lucknow, various upscale areas offer first-rate amenities and a high standard of living.

Several reputable construction companies have launched high-end home projects in several upscale Lucknow residential areas in recent years.

Indira Nagar:

One of Lucknow’s most well-known upscale areas is Indira Nagar. The residential area is regarded as the leading residential colony and is close to places like Hajratganj, Kalyanpur, and Gomti Nagar, among others.

Numerous academic institutions, including Delhi Public School, Central Academy School, United World School, and others, as well as numerous multispecialty hospitals, including CNS Hospital, Asheerwad Hospital, and Shekhar Hospital, are in Indira Nagar.

Bhootnath Market in Indira Nagar:
Bhootnath Market in Indira Nagar:

Bhootnath Market, Lekhraj Market, Paropkari Mini Mall, Fun Republic Mall, Anandi Water Park, Arvindo Park, and numerous more historical landmarks are just a few of the intriguing locations in the area.

Through metro services, the transportation link between the residential area and other areas of Lucknow is kept up to par. Numerous businesses, including Cardinal Technology Solutions, Kaizen Infotech Pvt. Limited, Sigma Trade Wings and others have their headquarters in the rapidly developing area.


Hazratganj is a significant business hub and one of Lucknow’s historically notable upscale areas. There are numerous luxurious flats and apartments there as well. Numerous top institutions and schools, including St. Francis College, Christ Church College, Cathedral School of Lucknow, Fun N Learn School, etc., are in this historic area with colonial architecture.

Hazratganj Market The Heart Of Lucknow
Hazratganj Market The Heart Of Lucknow

A Victorian-style market area in Hazratganj is home to several showrooms, eateries, retail centers, cafes, and offices. Fine chikankari fabric can be found in these market streets. One of the largest markets for a computer or IT parts in India is located within the Hazratganj market. Sahara Ganj Mall, Miniso, Oberon, and other malls may be found in the Hazratganj region. The residential area is well-known for being home to various political figures and successful businesspeople from Lucknow.

Gomti Nagar Ext.

On the banks of the Gomti River, there is a residential area known as Gomti Nagar Extension. It is thought of being one of Lucknow’s more contemporary and affluent areas. One of the best-planned residential zones is the area under question. It is home to a variety of upscale business buildings and housing alternatives, including sturdy bungalows and multistory apartments with opulent interiors and exteriors.

Omaxe The Palace in Gomti Nagar
Omaxe The Palace in Gomti Nagar

There are excellent road and subway connections in the area. Numerous world-class malls, including Singapore Mall, Fun Republic Mall, Wave Mall, and City Mall, are also located in Gomti Nagar. There are many educational institutions there, including St. Mary’s Inter College, Lucknow Public College, and St. John Bosco College.

In addition to this, the area is home to several stunning sites, including the St. Joseph Cathedral Church, Janeshwar Mishra Park, the Lucknow Zoo, etc. The Gomti Riverfront is the main draw of the Gomti Nagar Extention Area addition to these. The riverfront is a pedestrian-friendly esplanade constructed next to the Gomti River.


One of Lucknow’s upscale areas, Mahanagar is home to several elegantly constructed residential alternatives, including large independent bungalows and multistory apartments. The residential area has good connections to nearby communities like Aliganj, Gomti Nagar, and Hajratganj.

Shalimar Gallant Lucknow, Mahanagar
Shalimar Gallant Lucknow, Mahanagar

Numerous prestigious educational institutions, including Mount Carmel College, City Montessori School, Isabella Thoburn College, Hoerner College, etc., are in the region. In addition to this, the upscale area offers a variety of retail options, including Umrao Mall, Gol Market, Kapoorthala Market, etc.

The area’s well-known hospitals include Omni Care Health House, Devishiv Hospital, and Dhanraj Hospital. This area is a top pick for house purchasers due to the availability of high-quality infrastructure as well as social amenities and services.


The second-largest residential area in Lucknow with a good layout, Aliganj, is included in the list of posh areas in the city. The area offers quick access to several locations with dependable infrastructure. Despite the bustle of a rapidly expanding Lucknow metropolis, Aliganj has successfully maintained its tranquility.

Kapoorthala crossing,Aliganj. Lucknow
Kapoorthala crossing, Aliganj. Lucknow

The residential area is home to numerous market locations, including Dandiya Bazaar, Sector Q, and others, as well as the well-known historic Hanuman Temple. Numerous medical schools, including Career Dental College, ST. Mary’s College of Nursing, and Vivekananda College of Nursing, are in the area. Excellent employment opportunities are also available in Aliganj at businesses like Prajit Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and Quest Biotech.

The Path of Amar Shaheed:

Another contemporary residential area in Lucknow is Amar Shaheed Path. The township has developed into a top-notch residential community where every home is surrounded by lush greenery. The locality has a first-rate transportation system that connects it to other locations. The township is home to Sushant Golf City, a renowned high-tech residential community. Lucknow’s high-tech and opulent developments, Sushant Golf City, is home to many golf courses of the highest international standards.

Shaheed Path In Lucknow
Shaheed Path In Lucknow

The Amar Shaheed Path area offers superb urban settings with its selection of contemporary homes, shopping centers, malls, clubhouses, cafes, etc., along with several business buildings.

Sultanpur Avenue:

In Lucknow, Sultanpur Road is both an important thoroughfare and a well-liked residential area. It is close to Sushant Golf City, Ahmamau, Bagiamau, and Yusuf Nagar, among other important locations. Sultanpur Road is not very far from Gomti Nagar Railway Station, Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, and Hazratganj Metro Station. One of the main factors influencing expansion in this area is the accessibility of cheap homes.

Lucknow-Sultanpur highway
Lucknow-Sultanpur highway

Famous for providing contemporary homes in the inexpensive housing market, Sahu Land Developers. With a starting price of 19.21 Lakhs, its newest project, “Sahu City,” offers reasonably priced 1 and 2 BHK flats in Kabirpur, Sultanpur Road, Lucknow. You are introduced to a lifestyle you have fantasized about at the residential complex. They are constructed using top-notch designs and provide every urban convenience needed, including distinctive features, green space, and contemporary amenities. The complex is close to educational institutions and entertainment hotspots and is surrounded by easy motorways.

Colony of Ashiyana:

This is referred to as Lucknow’s Bengali area. It is a residential area that is incredibly calm and quiet. Ashiyana is endowed with an abundance of vegetation. It has excellent access to all of Lucknow’s major regions. Additionally, it provides quick access to stores, shopping centers, and fitness centers. In this community, a two-bedroom independent home costs roughly INR 36 lakh.

EMERALD MALL in ashiyana lucknow
EMERALD MALL in Ashiana Lucknow

Sushant Golf City:

Lucknow’s Sushant Golf City is a high-tech community with 6465 acres that is situated near the Lucknow-Sultanpur Highway and Amar Shaheed Path. It comprises an exclusive 18-hole golf course that meets international standards, surrounded by some residential and business construction projects. The modern township features beautiful urban landscaping in the shape of contemporary dwellings, shopping centers, and other structures.

Sushant Golf City, Lucknow
Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

2 and 3 BHK apartments are available in the residential complex 1OAK Natura. Angel Dwellings constructed it in Sushant Golf City, Lucknow, at a starting price of 54.39 Lakhs. The expertly created luxury apartments have amenities like a pool, pergola, sauna, bookstore, etc. in addition to all of the lifestyle essentials of a global standard.

Kiara Residency, a well-known residential development by Kiara Lifespaces, is in Sushant Golf City. It provides various-sized 2 BHK homes for 40.73 Lakhs. “Luxury within Reach” describes this project. With amenities and events that foster a feeling of community, living at Kiara Residency guarantees the essence of real community living.

Lucknow is a prospective smart city in North India that successfully combines the benefits of a large city with the ease of a small town. Lucknow’s public infrastructure has elevated the city to the top of the list of places people want to visit or reside. Lucknow, which is gradually developing into a residential hub, currently has a wide variety of excellent residences, from mid-range to high-end and economical. In the area, several real estate developers have built and are now building homes of the highest caliber.