Everything You Need to Consider Before Relocating to Chandigarh

Everything You Need to Consider Before Relocating to Chandigarh

It’s difficult to relocate to a new city. From making a checklist of the items that need to be boxed and transferred to searching for possible packers and movers who can make your relocation simple. It won’t be simple to locate an ideal location to reside and settle down from scratch, particularly if you’re relocating to a city, you’ve never been to. However, it turns simpler when you are familiar with the city you are going to. And if you’re relocating to Chandigarh, you should read this article.

Before relocating to Chandigarh, consider the following:

We will assist you if you move to Chandigarh and are unsure of what is essential to be aware of. Having a few unrelated inquiries becomes sense when relocating to a new place like Chandigarh. From its way of life to language, they discuss everything from how friendly people are to what are the best neighborhoods and modes of transportation. Before traveling to Chandigarh, we’ll be your direct and assist you with learning important information. One of the greenest and most secure cities in India is Chandigarh. Therefore, moving to Chandigarh is a wise choice if you’re considering it. However, there are a few facts regarding the city that you need to know before moving there and settling.

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Introductory facts about Chandigarh:

Climatic conditions:

Chandigarh has a continental climate with extremes of both hot weather and coldness. In the winter, there is no snowfall in the area. Rainfall in the city is distributed unevenly.

Language used:

As the official language, English is spoken. Punjabi and Hindi are the other languages used locally.

Linkage to Chandigarh:

You can use any kind of transportation to get here, including trains, roads, and even airplanes. Flights from Air India, Spice Jet, and Indigo link to many Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Trains like the Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, and Kalka Mail are available. There are countless buses available, and the Inter State Bus Terminus Service bus service system is quite efficient. Both Volvo and affordable buses are available, and their tickets are extremely reasonable. The national highways connect Chandigarh with all of India’s main cities. It is also commendable how well the highways are maintained. To go to Chandigarh, you can use any means of transportation of your choosing.

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Chandigarh’s local method of transportation:

The city of Chandigarh is endowed with an efficient transport infrastructure. To get around the city center, there are taxi cabs, auto rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws. The cabs have brand-new, a/c, and uniformed drivers. The cabs are equipped with GPRS so that their whereabouts can be monitored from each control room. You have the option of complaining to the state Transport Service Authority if you are dissatisfied with the service. Except for the Rs. 15 meter down fee, there is no fee for the first km. The first state to have radio vehicle service is Chandigarh. Bus terminals, train stations, and auto stand all have vehicles accessible. Negotiate before taking an auto because they are unlikely to go on the meter. Additionally, cycle rickshaws are freely accessible across the entire city.


You have plenty of options in Chandigarh, whether you are a vegetarian or not. There are supermarkets and wholesale markets where you may buy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, and other food. There are a huge number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in the city.


You may enjoy your weekends at dozens of eateries, shopping centers, movie theatres, and theme parks. There are also a lot of large multiplexes. On the weekends, you can get a drink to unwind at one of the many pubs and bars. In Chandigarh, there are numerous cafés including Barista and Cafe Coffee Day.


The IT and BPO businesses have been centralized in Chandigarh. Several MNCs, including Infosys and Dell, as well as many more, have established offices in the satellite town of Mohali. The majority of the workforce in this area work for the government. Chandigarh is the location of the administrative center for both Punjab and Haryana.


In Chandigarh, there are numerous universities and colleges, including Punjab University, Chandigarh College of Engineering, Chandigarh College of Architecture, and Government College of Art. Many schools in Chandigarh are affiliated with both the ICSE and CBSE boards of education.

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Chandigarh is home to hundreds of hospitals. Along with Chandigarh Army Command Hospital, there are Fortis and Apollo. Additionally, the city is home to a large number of pharmacies and medical supply stores.

Locations to visit:

You will get the chance to explore some of the most incredible locations while you are in Chandigarh. You should visit the Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Pinjore Garden, Sukhna Lake, Museum of Art Gallery, Chandigarh Museum, Mohali Cricket Stadium, and Cactus Garden, among other interesting locations. These locations are notable in their own unique ways. You can travel to these locations by taxi cab.

An expensive city in India:

One of India’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly cities is Chandigarh. On the other hand, compared to other Indian cities, this one has a higher level of living and greater monthly costs.

One of the most expensive cities in India to reside in is Chandigarh. For a family of four, the average monthly cost of residing in Chandigarh is Rs. 1,05,000. This does not include rent. Chandigarh’s expense of residing for a student or a bachelor is about Rs. 30,500 per month, without including rent for a place to live.

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What Aspects Affect Chandigarh’s Cost of Living?

The cost of living in Chandigarh is influenced by a variety of variables each month. These aspects include:


Many students from throughout the nation travel to Chandigarh. Citizens from all regions of India flock to the city because of its industrial and economic progress. In Chandigarh, the cost of a home ranges from Rs. 1,700 per square foot to Rs. 18,000 per square foot.


A wide range of goods is available in Chandigarh’s markets for affordable costs. Additionally, there are numerous shops and online food delivery services where a person can get the groceries they require on a regular basis. For instance, standard milk costs Rs. 52 per liter, white rice costs Rs. 73 per kilogram, and regular eggs cost Rs. 88 per dozen.


Chandigarh has a robust public transit system and is well-connected. The city’s inhabitants love riding in three-wheeled taxis. Although it is a fairly inexpensive form of transportation, they are more expensive than buses. Cabs cost at least Rs. 10 per kilometer and one-way public transportation tickets cost between Rs. 20 and Rs. 50.


India is one of the nations with the most affordable mobile phone rates. Residents in Chandigarh are required to pay a set amount each month towards the price of essential utilities. Here provides an estimate of Chandigarh’s basic utility costs. The cost of the essentials for a dwelling ranges from Rs. 3,800 to Rs. 11,600.

As a result, Chandigarh has a slightly higher cost of living than many other Indian cities. But the city provides its citizens with more than they pay for.

What Is the Average Person’s Spending Pattern in Chandigarh?

12.1% of the average Chandigarh resident’s income is spent at restaurants and coffee shops.

Though the cuisine in this Indian city is unique and wonderful, it may occasionally be far too spicy.

As a result, the majority of residents choose to prepare meals at home using ingredients they purchase in nearby markets.

The products come in a wide variety and are always fresh, making them ideal for a truly cooked lunch in India.

The transportation network is well-organized, and the cost of the tickets is reasonable.

Buses, aircraft, and taxis barely account for 12.7% of total spending.

Given how inexpensive they are in comparison to other states and nations, only 6.5% of expenses go toward utilities.

This sum is equivalent to the costs associated with recreation and sport, a topic of interest to many Chandigarh residents.

People frequently purchase clothing and shoes in the markets, which causes them to save a sizeable amount of money (16.6%) to use, for example, on monthly rent.

FAQs About Relocating to Chandigarh

1. For Students, How Pricey Is Chandigarh?

Comparing Chandigarh to other Indian cities, it is expensive to live there for students.

2. Is It A Smart Idea To Reside In Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is famous for having a low crime rate and for having excellent standards of protection. The city is one of the greatest places to live for those who wish to feel comfortable because of its effective police force, secure atmosphere, and safe neighborhood.

3. Why Are Individuals Moving To Chandigarh?

In my city, there are hospitals and schools and all the other essential amenities. Sukhna Lake and the Rock Garden are popular tourist destinations in the magnificent city of Chandigarh. India’s Chandigarh is an extremely tidy, well-maintained, and pollution-free city. The inside of the city is full of greenery.