Guidelines for Bike Transport by Train: IRCTC Bike Parcel Charges & Rules

Guidelines for Bike Transport by Train: IRCTC Bike Parcel Charges & Rules

A two-wheeler can be transported by train in two ways. If you are taking the same train, you can book the two-wheeler as luggage. If you are not taking the same flight, you may book the two-wheeler as a parcel.

Bike Transport by Train

Documents Required:

The records mentioned below must be completed to book your transportation service.

  • Aadhar Card, Driving Licenses, Pan Card, and other government ID cards are examples of government ID cards.
  • A bike registration certificate is required, and it must be the same as your ID proof.
  • Paperwork for Bicycle Insurance
  • A photocopy of the above documents is needed.
  • Purchase a Train Ticket (if you choose it as luggage)

Charges And Types Of Packing:

Packing is a vital aspect of this phase since something will happen to the car if it is not correctly assembled. Packox is recommended for this stage of the project because they provide the best trainees who can have the best support. However, if you wish to use the railway for loading, there are various types available, and the fees vary accordingly.


Basic Packaging:

Basic packaging entails wrapping the cycle in a plastic bag and sackcloth. This form is the most economical, costing between 200 and 300/-.

Medium Packaging:

The handle and forehead are wrapped in many layers of a plastic case, which prevents collisions and handles the headlight labels. They also wrap all of the body sections except the tires, which are left uncovered. Additionally, seal the bike and stitch it from the outside. Passion has fewer fiber components than Splendor and other mid-range bikes. It is the safest choice. It ranges from 600 to 800/-.

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Maximum Security Packaging:

Body parts are covered in layers of cardboard tubes, then rubber sacks and laundry bags. Almost every part of the body is shielded by several layers from head to foot. Such people like to use dry grass or bottles as shock absorbers. The greatest aspect is that it is more than enough for a sports bike. It varies between 800 and 1000/-.

Indian Railways Rules For Bike Transportation By Train:

If you are transporting your bike or some other two-wheeler by rail, you must follow those rules and regulations.

Be Sure The Petrol Tank Is Spare:

If the cycle is being shipped by train, the oil tank must be kept clear. Violation of this statute is punishable by a fine of Rs. 1000/-. In some circumstances, the railway police have the authority to bring a lawsuit against you for transporting the bike with maximum gas in the tank, and you can hope to be imprisoned for 6 months to 2 years. We also urge you to be more careful.

Bike Damaged Or Destroyed In A Train Accident:

Whether a motorcycle is damaged or destroyed in a train crash, the railway authorities pay for injuries or loss based on the stated value of the motorcycle.

Motor And Motorcycle Frame:

The motor and chassis number of the bike must be specified in the parcel form when it is inspected during shipping.

Collection Of Bikes Deferred:

If you do not unload or pick up your bike from your destination, you can reserve packages with the rail authorities at the nearby train station and retrieve your bike again.

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