How To Move Or Shift House When You Have Pets?

How To Move Or Shift House When You Have Pets?

You know how stressful the entire process of shifting homes is. You start thinking about all your items, if they will get lost or broken, if they will make it to your new home in one piece, how good the packers and movers are if they have the right equipment, the weather if the walls or floors will get damaged during the move and so on. But when you are shifting with pets, all your worries double!

How To Move Or Shift House When You Have Pets

Here are a few things that you can do to make the move as smooth as possible if you are moving with your pet –

1 – Take your Dog to the New Place

Take your dog to the new place, and walk them around the neighborhood so that they become familiar with the new neighborhood, sights, sounds, and smells. Check if the new house is safe for pets, that the gates can be locked, the lift grills and other grills are not too large for your pet to escape from, and look for other safety hazards.

2 – Pack Your Pet’s Belongings Last When You Are Moving

When your pet is locked in a room, leave them with their favorite items, it can be their beds, blankets, bowls, toys, or anything else that is familiar to them and that can give them some comfort.

3 – Your Pet On Moving Day

On the day of the move, you will have various people walking in and out of your house, and your pet will also be walking all around your house! Getting to see so many strangers in your home can be very stressful for your pet. When you are moving with pets, try to keep them protected from the chaos at home.

4 – Tell Your Neighbors About Your Move Before Moving Day

You need to speak to your neighbors and inform them of your current move, leave your number with them. This way, when you are moving with your pets, in case they go back to the old house, your neighbors can alert you.

5 – Stick To Your Usual Routine With Your Pet, Even On Moving Day

Moving is stressful for your pet too, try and keep them calm by comforting them when you can stick to their usual routine. Walk with them, feed them, and play with them that they are used to.

6 – Do Not Feed Your Pets Just Before You Leave When You Are Shifting

Most pets, like humans, get car sick and if they have to be in the car for a long time they might end up throwing up because of it. Try to give them some time to relax after their meals and then start the journey to your new house when they are calm.

Remember, all this moving is stressful on your pets equally. Be understanding of their needs as it could be traumatic for them, mostly for older pets who are set in their ways. So, if any certain accidents happen, or they mess up the house, knock things over or start to get extra clingy, just be patient. This is a temporary phase, and they will go back to their good old routines when they get familiar with the house.