How To Get A New Gas Connection For Own House Or Rental House With Simple Steps?

How To Get A New Gas Connection For Own House Or Rental House With Simple Steps?

A gas connection is just as important as an electricity need for the house because they are essential things that people cannot survive peacefully without them. We may be willing to accept without a phone or internet connection. But the gas connection is more important than phones and the internet. Because we have to prepare a meal for ourselves. The majority of Indian people base on LPG because it is safe, simple to use, convenient, and cost-effective. Individuals receiving less than 10 lakhs per year are eligible for subsidized LPG. We have some options to choose a government or private distributor depending on our needs and budget.

How To Get A New Gas Connection

When we shift to a new building or house, whether it’s a rented apartment or our own home, we have to arrange some basic needs there in order to live comfortably. A gas link for our home is one of the most important things to arrange. Many gas link providers are there in India. Major gas service providers in the public sector are Hindustan Petroleum, Indane, and Bharat Gas. These organizations follow government regulations.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a company that owns and operates a gas-linking facility and is India’s largest provider for domestic use. With a well-designed web portal that allows their customers to request new gas connections and also use their booking services to reserve a new LPG cylinder. Other than this, the Indian government sets the rules and regulations for subsidization and decides the conditions for eligibility for a new gas connection; consumers must also send a list of documents as evidence of their capacity. A particular assist of expertise is offered to all of its customers meaning that the company offers a unique advantage admitting to moving the gas link from one place to another place in the world.

For having Bharat Gas Connection, visit Now, simply obey the on-screen directions. Keep a copy of your proof of identity (POI) and proof of address (POA) on hand; we must fix scanned copies of both. We have to pay money online after our registration is completed. If we don’t get scanned copies, we can submit the distributor a photocopy of our POI and POA, and also a printout of the registration form. The complete method is easy.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

HP Gas (Run by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) or Hindustan Petroleum is a well-known Indian company that gives gas connections. The connections themselves are open to all, and they are also qualified for government grants if the applicant qualifies. Similarly, with different gas connections, HP gas connections can be shifted from one location to the next within a city and across the country.

There are a few conventions that must be followed to get another gas connection or to maintain an existing relationship.

To get HP Gas Connection, visit We can either use our Aadhaar number and an OTP sent to our mobile by UIDAI, or we may try the e-KYC facility, which requires us to get our ID and address proof readily. Our photos and proofs will be uploaded. We will be given a reference number that can use to monitor the status of our application and pay money online after we have registered.

Indane Gas Corporation

Indane Gas, which is operated by Indian Oil Corporation, is one of the best options for a gas link that is most useful for our home.

Many of its services are at a regular price. This company, on the other hand, participates in a number of government programs that offer financial assistance for gas connections to those who are eligible.

The registration process can be finished easily online, and reserving a new cylinder or requesting refills can also be done through mobile phones or mobile applications. One of the benefits it provides to its customers is the ability to move the gas link from one place to another within or outside of the area.

To have an Indane Gas Connection, visit Following that, the procedure is straightforward; we have our documents ready (Identity proof and Address proof). Payments can be made electronically, and scanned copies can be sent directly to the distributor.

Booking for An LPG Gas Connection:

When we need a new gas link in India, we have two choices depending on your weight: 14.2 kg or 5 kg. When we have our pump in the first time, we’ll get a filled LPG cylinder, a regulator, a rubber pipe, a gas stove, and a passbook (also known as a Domestic Consumer Gas Card/Blue Book/Passbook), a link certificate or a Subscription Voucher.

Through online booking:

If we apply online, we have to get the communication information for our nearest distributor. The distributor will come to our house and mount the link after we pay money through a bank transfer. After we’ve paid, we’ll receive a reference number that will permit us to monitor our order.

Documents Needed for Gas Connection Application:

Aadhaar Number allotment letter, passport, PAN Card, and driver’s license are all appropriate forms of identification.

A ration card, an electric bill from the previous three months, a telephone bill from the previous three months, a voter’s identification card, a house rent receipt, and an employer’s certificate are all acceptable forms of proof of address.

Apply for an Offline Public Link:

Find a gas agency that sells LPG cylinders in our city. Go to the agency, get an application form, and fill it out completely. After we’ve submitted the paperwork, we’ll be given a Registration and Booking Number, as well as a receipt. The agency will send us a Domestic Gas Consumer Card (DGCC) booklet or passbook that documents our bookings. The security deposit for a cylinder will vary depending on the agency; this amount covers the cost of a cylinder, a regulator, the first cylinder refilling cost, a gas hose, and installation charges. This procedure can take up to a month to complete.


We may refill up to six cylinders at a subsidized rate per year if we need a public sector link. If we surpass this amount, we will be charged at the normal rate.

  • Check the cylinder’s seal and a safety cap for leaks.
  • Remove the safety cap to inspect the valve for leaks.
  • Connect the cylinder to the stove and check for leaks. Make a payment and receive a copy of the cash memo or voucher.

Process of Intra-City Transfer:

Present our new address proof and receipt to our distributor. After checking the information, the distributor will issue us a transfer termination voucher. Send this voucher to the new distributor in our region. A new transfer subscription coupon and a new gas link number will be issued by the new distributor. Make sure our booklet’s information is up to date.

Inter-City shifting:

Give our distributor our cylinder and pressure regulator. Send the dealer our receipt and DGCC, and he’ll give us a termination token for our new area. Getting our money back is important. Locate a new distributor and give an application for a new link as normal. Indane, HP Gas, and Bharat Gas have set a number of cylinders at a subsidized cost from the public sector. It must be purchased with a ration card.

A private connection, on the other hand, only requires proof of address.

Popular Private LPG Connection Providers in India:

  1. Super Gas
  2. Reliance Gas
  3. Jyothi Gas
  4. TotalGaz
  5. East gas

The method for receiving an LPG link from a Private Gas Company:

We should expect a fast and painless application process from private gas companies. We can apply for a connection at any of their offices. Most of them even have a customer portal where we can apply online. We will be asked to include basic information such as our name and address.

LPG cost:

LPG prices in India are fixed by the government, which also runs the oil business, and are updated monthly.

LPG is used in almost every home in India for domestic purposes. Any shifts in the price range of LPG have an effect on the average consumer, as a rise in LPG price will make the current market situation difficult to bear. Although there are many obstacles, the government does offer financial assistance to customers who purchase gas cylinders in the United States. After the purchase of an LPG cylinder, the assistance is credited to the person’s bank account. The amount of assistance offered varies month to month, as it is determined by the sudden changes in the average international benchmark of LPG price-lists, as well as foreign exchange rates.

Booking a new link or a refill no longer necessitates traipsing around gas distributors and waiting in long lines. The whole process can now be completed electronically with only a few taps, making things much easier.