How To Decorate Up Your Home On Diwali

How To Decorate Up Your Home On Diwali

Diwali is already here and it is one of the most beautiful times of the year. You see diyas and lights all donning up the houses of your neighbors. It looks amazing but requires the same amount of effort in Diwali Decorate too right?

Diwali Decorate

Well, are all here with some quick decor ideas to make your home look like a fairy tale house.

1: Hula-Hoop Hangings:

Hula-Hoop Hangings

The quickest and beautiful DIY hacks come up with a little sharp brain. Yes, so if you have a hula hoop lying ideally in your home. Take it and wrap it up all over with led lights in your home. Wrap it in a way that it looks all covered and now hang it in your bedroom. It will not just look good but you will also make use of ideally lying items in your home.

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2: Bangle Lights:

Bangle Lights

Want to know how to use those old bangles lying in your home? Well, don’t throw them. Take them up. Stick different shades of bangles together with the help of glue. And now place a light bulb inside it and you have no idea of how amazing it will look. You can use them on every Diwali plus they won’t break because glass bangles have a tendency to sustain heat.

3: Wine Glass Lights:

Wine glass Lights

Wineglasses can be one big waste if they are not in use. You may have plenty of them. Why not make them up as Diwali lights? Take the glass. Place some water in it. Fill it to the level that it can accommodate candles without any harm. Now, place some flowers or pebbles inside it. And put a candle or dia on top. The water will set it afloat.

4: Fruit Candles/Diyas:

Fruit Candles Diyas

Take an orange or mousambi. Now, peel it carefully enough so that it doesn’t break much. Now place a candle inside it and you will see how beautifully it decorates your home.

5: Mason Jar Lights:

Mason Jar Lights

Mason jar lights are the fascination of many. It looks beautiful undoubtedly. But how do you make it? Well, take some different colored jars from home. Fill them up with street lights just like the ones done in HOOLA HOOP HANGINGS. Now, put it up in the most secluded areas of your home to make it look beautiful too.

6: Paper Cup Lights:

Paper Cup Lights

Paper cups look beautiful. Don’t they? Well, you can decorate it at your house. Take the paper cups. Mark a criss-cross at its bottom. And cut it in the same way. Now, let the led lights wire cross through the same hole. And make it up like a garland. Now, hang it anywhere you want to. Just make sure, these paper cups are teamed up with contrasting colored lights. It should look different.

So, these are some quick hacks for making your Diwali beautiful with the quickest DIY hacks that you will find nowhere. Also, these are the most environmentally and cost-friendly ways to make your home look professionally decorated.