How To Choose A Safe Storage Unit

How To Choose A Safe Storage Unit

Nowadays, a safe storage unit is necessary when people move their goods. Selecting a safe and secure storage unit may seem difficult, particularly if you want to protect your priceless possessions. Picking a dependable storage unit is similar to choosing a dependable homeowner or landlord; the only distinction is that you might only deal with the storage firm when you use it.

After that, perhaps, you shouldn’t be required to communicate with them too much. All you have to do is pay your rent and use your storage unit to get back or store items as needed. However, selecting a secure storage unit is a crucial skill. We provide you with all the necessary information here, which is useful if you are looking for a safe storage unit.

Choose The Storage Unit According To Safe Convenience:

List all the things you intend to store before hiring a storage unit. Even though you might impose an approximate estimate of the size of the unit that’s necessary, it’s crucial to take into account whether you’ll have enough room to walk around and conveniently reach your possessions in addition to whether everything can reside in the unit conveniently.

Getting the smallest unit available to save money could sound like an excellent plan at first. However, if you have to rearrange things to access items that are kept at the back, it can rapidly become annoying and unfeasible.

You might require rent an indoor climate-controlled storage unit if you have goods like gadgets or works of art that are susceptible to changes in humidity or temperature. By doing this, you can make sure that your belongings are safe from dampness and high temperatures and stay in excellent order.

You should take into account the worth of the things you intend to store. Keep in mind the storage unit you select has enough safety precautions in place to safeguard your items, especially if they are priceless or emotional.

Functions like security access controls, fire alarms, and video monitoring systems may fall under this category. You want to look at storage unit insurance options as well. To make sure your possessions are safe, you might look into other possibilities or buy insurance from the storage unit.

In general, you may choose the best storage unit for your purposes and make 100% certain your items are safe and secure while in storage by meticulously assessing the storage requirements and thoroughly investigating all of your possibilities.

A Look At A Few Things Before Selecting A Storage Unit:

1. Size:

If you care about your storage unit, you need to consider its size. Though the area’s square footage should undoubtedly be taken into account, don’t overlook the ceiling height. For assistance when you decide what size storage unit, you’ll require, create a list of everything you wish to store in it. You will need to ensure that the goods you intend to store match in the sense of both width and height, based on some of them. The size will influence the overall price of the storage unit.

Storage Size Options:

Individual Storage Unit:

Household goods including furniture, appliances, and personal possessions are best kept in an individual storage unit. Large spaces and tiny lockers are among their many sizes. A few common sizes of storage units are:


Perfect for compact furniture, bags, and cartons.


It is ideal for storing furnishings and appliances in a one-bedroom apartment.


Perfect for keeping big appliances, furniture, and cartons, as well as the possessions of a two or three-bedroom house.

To make the most of your available space and guarantee that your belongings are adequately safeguarded, take into account the household packing advice before deciding on a size.

Office Storage Unit:

Documents, merchandise, and office supplies are all intended to be kept in an office storage unit. They might be a useful option for companies who are moving or that require more storage space. Take into account the office moving advice together with the size and type of your company when selecting an office storage unit.

Vehicle Storage Unit:

Cars, bikes, and other vehicles have been designed to be stored in vehicle storage units. To ensure the safety and security of your bike when shipping it by train, think about utilizing a vehicle storage unit.

2. Duration:

The majority of storage unit rental companies charge on a month-to-month basis, so you should consider how long you will require your space. While selecting a facility, take in mind that some do have a minimum rental length, even if the majority of people are okay with short-term rentals.

3. Location:

There are two main factors to consider when choosing a storage unit location: pricing and accessibility. Selecting a storage unit close by will be simpler if you need to retrieve your belongings often; on the other hand, if you are storing your stuff for the summer, location may be less important than cost. You may be able to locate a cheaper rate because storage unit services are occasionally more affordable outside of towns and cities, where demand may be higher.

4. Charge For Using The Storage Unit:

Charge is an issue to consider when selecting a storage option. A few things to think about that will eventually raise the price include the type of deal, extra charges, and short-term needs. The cost will be impacted by the minimum storage periods required by certain storage facilities. Additionally, monthly storage choices may be less expensive. To avoid incurring additional costs or running the danger of losing your storage unit (and your belongings within), keep in mind to think about additional fees. Be careful, you know exactly what occurs when you initiate a late payment or neglect to make a payment.

5. Temperature:

You can pick a storage unit that regulates its temperature based on the kind of stuff you’re storing. This may increase the cost of the unit if you possess any valuables that need to be kept in a climate-controlled space, but it will guarantee that everything will stay in excellent condition—particularly when you’re using it for several months.

6. Safety And Surveillance:

It is essential to investigate the level of security exhibited by the facility and its storage units. Asking about in-person or video surveillance for the units during your facility investigation will help ensure the safety of your belongings. You need to further assure your safety. When you go to retrieve your belongings, if you visit the facility beforehand, take note of how bright it is.

7. Sufficient Lighting Facility:

Examine the lighting in the storage facility, particularly if you intend to use your unit after dark. Not only do well-lit areas discourage would-be thieves, but they also facilitate your ability to find and recover your belongings. Check the lighting quality and make sure it satisfies your demands by visiting the structure after dark.

8. Efficiency And Ease Of Access:

As we’ve already discussed, it’s crucial to have access to your belongings whenever you require them, and part of that involves knowing when a storage unit is open. Verify the facility’s hours before selecting a storage unit. Some, particularly the self-service ones, are available around the clock, but if you choose the full-service alternative, your access to your belongings may be restricted. When you’re not using your goods or are going abroad for the summer, this might not be as crucial, but when you return and are ready to settle into your residence or room, it will be helpful to know when you can retrieve your items once more.

9. Dust And Pest Control:

When in storage, you wouldn’t want your priceless belongings to be attacked by bugs and dust. The state of the storage unit needs to correspond with how tidy your house is. Reputable storage units are aware of this worry and take proactive measures to prevent pest infestations by routinely doing pest control.

10. Online Ratings And Feedback:

Will you purchase anything online without first reading the ratings and feedback on the product? It is highly recommended that you verify the evaluations of a storage facility and follow suit. Recall that reviewers frequently lean toward the extreme; many of them are delighted or dissatisfied with their experiences. But keep an eye out for any new trends that come out of these assessments. Consider using a different facility if you see that people are bringing up the same problems regularly. This may be a sign that you will encounter the same problems.

Consider the facility’s accessibility, lighting, and security priority when choosing a storage unit. These features will guarantee easy and secure access to your valuables when you need them, in addition to protecting your most valued belongings. Furthermore, keeping your possessions in storage in a pristine, pest-free environment is essential to preserving their integrity. You may select the ideal storage unit for your requirements by taking into account this crucial quality and making a wise decision.

Additional Things To Know When Using A Storage Unit:

1. Insurance Facility:

Your possessions are covered by storage insurance while they are being stored away from your house. It will support you in replacing or repairing any damaged or destroyed items you have in storage. Before you can rent a storage space, many storage facilities need you to obtain insurance of some kind. Obtaining insurance before renting is not mandatory, but it’s a prudent precaution to safeguard your assets. Additionally, you shield yourself from having to pay for the price of replacing anything that breaks.

2. Access Hours:

You have gate access around the clock, so you can visit your storage unit whenever it’s suitable for you. Therefore, you need to check about the access hours with the service provider.

3. Check Whether There Are Hidden-Fees:

A storage unit should be simple to set up and cost nothing extra. When you sign up, many storage businesses demand deposits or supplementary set-up costs, which can mount up. You should be careful about it and confirm whether there is any additional fee for using the storage unit.

4. Be Careful To Read The Contract Terms:

A storage unit contract outlines the conditions of the leasing agreement between a storage facility and the person or company renting storage space. They include information about the length of the rental, the size of the storage unit, the conditions of payment, and the obligations of both parties, including the facility’s duty to offer a safe storage setting and the renter’s responsibility to maintain the unit and pay rent on schedule. Before signing, tenants should thoroughly read over and comprehend the terms of the agreement to make sure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities concerning the storage unit.

A. Flexible Terms:

Flexible terms will give you more ease of using the storage unit. Therefore, you have to choose a service provider that offers flexible terms.

B. Termination Policy:

You must know about the termination policy of the storage company before using it. The clarity of everything will give you a fine result at last.

Benefits Of Using The Safe Storage Unit:

1. Security Against Natural Damage:

You tend to jam everything into every available area in your home, even attics and cabinets. You could even use an outdoor storage shed. These dim, chilly, and moist areas pose the greatest risk to our belongings. The environment in which you store your treasures is just as crucial as the bubble wrap. You won’t have to be concerned about condensation harming your belongings because storage facilities are dry, which guarantees a controlled environment and prevents damage.

2. Greater Room For Storage:

You occasionally struggle with deciding which things to store in hiding and which to leave out in the open. You are not always the greatest at maintaining order. Things that you don’t need or that take up too much room are frequently hidden away. However, if you eventually find yourself short on a “hideaway” room, your only realistic choices are either a storage unit or a thorough cleanout. For the amount of storage you need, you can rent a storage unit that is precisely the right size. You can make extra room in your house for more essential goods by moving some of your “hideaway” belongings into a storage facility.

Additionally, it enhances your capacity to arrange your belongings more effectively, making them more accessible and freeing up an hour each day for other beneficial activities.

3. Added Protection Against Theft:

Your home may be your castle if you have a lot of valuables to worry about, but keeping everything in one location isn’t always the best plan. You may eliminate that danger by investing in a storage facility. Storage units are equipped with multiple security layers, ranging from CCTV and 24-hour security to safe locks on your unit. To provide you with even more peace of mind, the majority of units are located in safe structures or enclosures with secure access.

4. Economical:

The flexibility of the pricing is a major advantage of renting a storage facility. You shouldn’t think too much about the expense of the storage unit because you only pay for the space, you require and for as long as you require it! Moving frequently or staying in temporary housing may make storing the belongings in a unit more affordable than moving them.

The Best Storage Facility From The Service Providers Of 1Support:

Finding the ideal goods storage option ultimately comes down to your requirements, demands, location, financial situation, amenities, security features, terms of the contract, etc. For those seeking adaptable and secure solutions for storing products, 1Support’s service providers are the ideal choice! When it comes to storing your priceless possessions, security and safety are paramount.

You want to make sure that your possessions are shielded from the weather, theft, and damage. This is where 1Support’s service providers come in; we supply secure storage facilities in some places around India, so it will be simple for you to choose a unit nearby.

The security of your possessions is a top priority for our service providers. They have sophisticated security measures in place, including alarms, on-site security guards, and round-the-clock video surveillance cameras. You can feel secure knowing that your belongings are safe with these safeguards in place.

They also provide insurance storage facilities, so in the event of an unforeseen incident, your belongings are safe. If you require a larger unit for home furnishings and other common household objects or a smaller unit for a few items, they provide a range of storage unit sizes to suit your needs. Additionally, they offer a climate-controlled storage facility which is ideal for keeping goods that are subject to both temperature and moisture.

In general, 1Support is the ideal option for all of your storage requirements. You may feel certain that your valuables are in excellent hands because of their top-notch storage space rents and services, insured storage units, modern safety precautions, and secure and reliable storage facilities. Select a service provider from 1Support to have a worry-free and relaxing storage experience.

Selecting the appropriate storage unit is essential for a productive and economical storage experience. You can accomplish the task of finding the ideal storage unit size for your items by obeying these steps while keeping your particular needs in mind. To make the best decision, don’t forget to research costs and amenities, pack your belongings properly, and get advice from experts.


Which Size Storage Units Are Best?

Generally, storage units of 10 X 10 or 10 X 15 are excellent options for keeping the belongings of a two-bedroom place of residence. You may know which is most effective for you because it will depend on how much furniture you have and other factors like keeping gadgets or stuff from the garage.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit?

Size, length of time, self-service or full service, location, cost, climate-controlled facility, safety measures, and other convenience.

How To Calculate The Storage Space Needed?

You can calculate through length X width X height.