Griha Pravesh On A Budget

Griha Pravesh On A Budget

Griha Pravesh On A Budget

What Is Griha Pravesh?

Griha Pravesh or Housewarming party is something all of us are well acquainted with.

Whenever we shift to a new home, or whenever we build a home of our dreams, it’s mandatory for us to throw a Griha Pravesh party to celebrate the same. Alongside celebration, it’s a way to interact with your new neighborhood and to bring positive energy to your new house.

But the real question is the cost! After shifting, already we incur a large amount of our savings in settling in the new place, a post that such parties seem too expensive. But we have got the right way to cut your cost for the same-

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Listing The Cost:

The very primary thing that you have got to do is to jot down the expenses that you think you shall incur. You can sit with your near and dear ones and decide on the budgeting process. The list should include your priorities, but at the same time make sure you don’t include anything that’s too costly or that’s too out of range. Don’t let the social pressure affect you. It’s a mere Griha Pravesh and it’s meant for you, not for others. So, the priority-based list is a must.

The Vastu Shastra:

It is imperative that you choose a good day and time to move to your new house. Consult your religious priest and decide on the date. They select good days owing to various factors. Also, it is not just about the religious angle but at the same time, you have to find a date when movement is easy. For instance, there are peak seasons of shifting and transfers, etc when you don’t get movers and packers at a low cost. So it’s important that you choose a mediocre or least mobility-affected season. These factors affect your movement costs and the Griha Pravesh party cost a lot.

Escape The Decor:

Decorations are something that adds up to the existing party cost. Also, they may give a soothing look to the house for some while but add up to your labor as well as cleaning costs. So, skipping is the best you can do. If you still want to do some decor, you can watch some of the DIY videos online and do it with the help of your family/friends living nearby. This will ease your cost as well as make you interact with people in your vicinity.

Minimal Food Arrangements:

Keep the food arrangements least, if you keep it heavy, there are chances that you may land up in trouble and hectic schedule. You will have to spend a lot as well as a Griha Pravesh is meant to be done with a minimalistic and soothing intent, so that will be of no use.

Ahead of that, make sure you use organic plates or fiber plates which you can use later in your house too. Do not go for plastic plates. It not just makes the environment dirty but also makes your new house too unclean by the end of the day.

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So, avoiding that is the wisest approach to a budget-friendly housewarming party.

So these were some tricks regarding the arrangement of a budget-friendly Griha Pravesh. Griha Pravesh is meant for you to have a positive vibe in the new house and it lets you deal with homesickness easily. So, make sure it is the most minimal gathering with the least social pressure.