Best Interior Designers in Mumbai

Best Interior Designers in Mumbai

A major artistic and innovative profession for enhancing the ambiance of any location is interior design. In order to maximize space’s capabilities and natural attractiveness, every building, whether residential or commercial, requires to have a certain elegant touch. You seek the top interior design companies to assist you to create a space where you can spend your life comfortably and which shows your own sense of style and personality in a perpetually bustling city like Mumbai.

The days of repeated classical design trends, which were essentially limited to the same design for the sake of luxury, are long gone. Today’s house owners, who value individuality more than ever, are less worried about fashions and patterns and prefer to imbue their space —whether residential or commercial—with their own distinctive philosophies and personal characteristics. Finding an interior design expert who not only appreciates visual quality but also has the ability to combine it with utility is now absolutely necessary.

Mumbai’s Best interior designers:

The place in which we reside, perform, or spend a considerable amount of time affects our attitude and behavior. While each location offers an unmatched level of comfort, every venue looks unfinished without the design component. More and more people started to plan their homes’ interior design throughout the two years of the pandemic. As a result, the market for house renovations has grown. As a result, consumers are spending on renovations, employing designers, and giving close attention to interior design trends. The situation is the same in Mumbai, the financial and commercial center of India. Thus, we have provided a list of the finest interior design firms in Mumbai that can improve your living environment by fusing your ideas with their ingenuity.

7WD Studio:

7WD Studio

At India’s most desirable places, 7WD Studio produces spectacular space. The teams are skillful in creating contemporary, opulent, fashionable, and ethnic designs and are renowned for Nordic, streamlined interior designs that fit your lifestyle.

Adorn Space Concepts:

Adorn Space Concepts

One of the top firms for interior designers is Adorn Space Concept, which has its headquarters in Mumbai. Adorn Space Concepts is a reputable company with design professionals who have 20+ years of expertise and a well-organized, substantial portfolio. It designs and creates remarkable architectural marvels by using cutting-edge methods. As a result, Adorn Space Concepts is one of Mumbai’s most reliable interior designers.

Aesthos Interior Design & Styling:

Aesthos Interior Design & Styling

The group of Aesthos Interior Design and Styling is knowledgeable to create beautiful decorations and infuse positive energy into the surroundings.

Alcove Studio:

Alcove Studi

You may conceive, conceptualize, and convert your dreams into any home or business area with the help of Alcove Studio.

The Ashleys:

The Ashleys

Ashleys Interior Design was founded in 2008 by two talented and ambitious interior designers, Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley. They are famous for their distinctive designs and original concepts. Hence, they have got honorable awards from the Indian Institute of Interior Design (IIID). Multinational corporations, celebrities, prominent developers, elite tycoons, and businesspersons are among the firm’s remarkable clients.

Aspa & Associates:

Aspa & Associates

Aspa & Associates is one of the prominent interior design companies in Mumbai. It is skillful in building lovely and distinctive residential and commercial spaces. Also, the associate gives full support to creating eco-friendly and durable designs for every project.

Astral Designs:

Astral Designs

It provides customers in and around the city with ideas for classic architecture and interior design.

AUM Architects & Interior Designers:

AUM Architects & Interior Designers

One of Mumbai’s most renowned engineering, interior design, and urban planning firms is AUM. Dr. Manish Dikshit Ar. Nachiket Borawake founded it in 2004. They have a varied portfolio that demonstrates their skill and knowledge in offering clients cutting-edge projects. AUM offers not just aesthetically pleasing designs but also personalized designs that are tailored to their needs.

Studio MAT:

Studio MAT

In Mumbai, there is a firm called Studio MAT Architects and Interior Designers. Whatever the nature and magnitude of the assignment, they endeavor to offer distinctive structural and design concepts.

Dreamspace India:

Dreamspace India

Innovative interior design is the central objective of the Mumbai-based interior design company Dreamspace India. They are notable for using vivid tones in works for educational, corporate, domestic, and hotel interiors.

PGAG Architects:

PGAG Architects

The company seeks creativity through style and uses original strategies to meet client demands. They concentrate on using the pragmatic method to design implementation and offer a flexible project plan.

The 7th corner Interior:

The 7th corner Interior

The 7th corner Interior is a reputable housing interior styling company with offices in Mumbai. They offer reasonable costs for their functions. Neha and Nikhil Dhuri are the owners of the 7th Corner interior design studio, which offers customized interior design solutions.

Anish Motwani:

Anish Motwani

Their purpose is to use hues, patterns, and structures to evoke different feelings in viewers, bringing rooms to reality. The studio develops workable ideas by getting inspiration from the attitude and feelings of their clients because they think about the impact that space can have on folks’ lifestyles.

BRIC Design Studio:

BRIC Design Studio

A Mumbai-based firm that works on projects all over India is BRIC Design Studio. It specializes in structure, interior design, and urban management. The ambient building and interior design by The Studio are famous for being beautiful and ecologically friendly.

Delecon Design Company:

Delecon Design Company

The business offers comprehensive design services and has a staff of qualified experts who assist clients in meeting their needs. Your interior space will be dramatically transformed by their creative technique of design.

Design Cafe Experience Centre:

Design Cafe Experience Centre

The Design Cafe Experience Center develops custom design options for your residences based on your preferences and financial constraints. They are able to develop contemporary interiors that are utilitarian, and minimal, but still attractive.

Hemant Associates:

Hemant Associates

A Mumbai-based interior design company called Hemant Associates is famous for creating luxurious and regal spaces. In housing, industrial, and hospitality interior works, different textures and hues are useful to create the desired mood of the rooms.

HS Designs:

HS Desiigns

A company called HS Designs focuses on design creativity, adaptability, and precision when carrying out interior design assignments. They handle every task differently since they are aware that each one has various design requirements.

Kunal & Associates:

Kunal & Associates

Interior design company Kunal & Associates specializes in top-quality housing, industrial, hotel management, and educational work with the objective of highlighting the best in each space. They think that designs should be entirely customized.

RK Interiors:

RK Interiors

Mumbai-based RK Interior is an interior design company with a passion for excellence. They combine technical prowess with top-notch finishing. They possess 35 years of expertise in the business and excellent craftsmanship.

Shree Karni Interior:

Shree Karni Interior

The design team is ready to commit and make a stunning space that creates a lasting impact. Their goal is to produce turnkey solutions for interior designs that are effective and economical. They want to go above and above for the customer.

Mumbai’s various interior design trends:

Everyone wants their home’s furnishings, colors, and other elements to be perfect reflections of who they are. The inside of your house is ultimately a manifestation of your ideas and goals. But with so many options, picking the best interior design style can occasionally be challenging.

Here, we’ll discuss a few of Mumbai’s most popular interior design trends.


The 17th to 19th-century European design influences are reflected in the Classic Interior Design Theme. This style is characterized by its level of elegance, grandeur, and harmony in form while utilizing soft pastel colors.


A variety of styles created in the second half of the 20th century is included in the contemporary style, which is continually developing. This interior design style is characterized by compact and uncomplicated rooms, visible lines, and elegance, as well as neutral color schemes.


There is a tiny difference despite the fact that many people conflate this with the current style. It draws its inspiration from 20th-century fashion trends. You can use some phrases to define this style: sleek, straightforward designs, and exquisite finishes.


The period of the industrial explosion serves as the influence for the industrial interior style. The highlights and decorations in this style are angular. It frequently has visible wiring, exposed brick walls, etc. Industrial rooms give a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.


As the name implies, this design aesthetic is influenced by a variety of indigenous cultures and customs. Traditional interior design in India is characterized by intricate and heavy woodwork, handcraft, vivid colors, colorful draperies, and a profusion of decorations.


The transition between classic and modern styles is represented by the transitional interior design style. Accessories are kept simple in transitional designs so that the furnishings and textiles may speak for themselves. Modern materials like metals, glass, and soft furniture are frequently used.

Hence, you can pick one of them if you’re intending to create or remodel your residences or offices. Therefore, we hope you found this essay informative and helpful.

FAQ On Mumbai’s Top Interior Designers:

1. What Are The Rates For Interior Design In Mumbai?

The cost of interior design for a one-bedroom apartment in Mumbai goes from two lakhs to three lakhs with a basic finishing. But, if you want a high-end interior finish, it might cost up to 5 lakhs.

2. Is It Worthwhile To Explore Interior Design?

Indeed, interior design is an excellent career to pursue, especially if you want to use your imagination in the most straightforward ways possible.

3. What Distinguishes An Interior Decorator From An Interior Designer?

Interior decorating is the furnishing or embellishing of a place with ornamental materials to attain a certain aesthetic, whereas interior design is both the skill and the technology of comprehending people’s behavior to create practical space within a property. In other words, decorators may not construct, but interior designers may.

4. Do I Require An Interior Designer Or An Architect?

Depending on the need, this. You must engage an interior designer when you already have the building and require to beautify the interior. Yet, you should contact an architect when you have a vacant property that requires you to construct a structure from scratch or renovate an existing one.