Warehouse Services


Warehouse Services

A Warehouse is a commercial building that is used for storage and accumulation of goods. It provides for holding, preservation and protection of goods till it is dispatched to the consumers. 1Support A warehouse owner is a custodian of goods. The warehouse keep the goods safely and securely.

Our warehouse facilities provide you with packing and moving facility. We help you relocate your home, office etc. all over India. You can safely keep your stuff in our warehouse and we will take good care of it. Our team of packers and movers will come to your residence or office, with all the amenities, pack your goods and transport them. We will provide you services to transport your goods from your place to our warehouse, take specail care of the packing and storing. We will then transport your goods to your place of relocation and even help you with unpacking . So relocation gets easier and an effortless job for you. We take the responsibility of all the cumbersome tasks on us. Our warehouse has the following further benefits to offer:

  • Our warehouse helps in piling up your goods (furniture, appliances, household items, etc.) as long as you wish.
  • The goods in our warehouse are insured against loss from fire, damage, theft, etc.
  • In our Warehousing Service, we provide with exceptional packing and unpacking of your goods at the warehouse. The trained experts take utmost care of your goods while packing.
  • The packers and movers associated with our warehousing service use high-grade and best quality material to pack your goods. The fragile items like mirrors, electronic appliances, etc are specially taken care of.
  • We also ensure that your goods will be unpacked with due care and precision, like the packing.
  • Our professional office relocators are a group of highly trained, efficient and organised workers, who will take good care of each pen and each file in your office.
  • Our warehouse is constructed in such a way so as to provied protection against risks like thefty, fire, deterioration, etc.
  • Our warehousing service provides both short term and long term storage facilities. You can choose to store your goods from just a month to one whole year, or even more!!
  • We provide the best facilities for storing your household goods like furniture, electronic devices, appliances, vehicles and more.
  • We are available at your service 24*7.
  • We offer a reliable and timely relocation.
  • We take pride in offering you high quality and standard services.
  • We are professionally trained to provide the best services and facilities.
  • What more, we are a verified warehousing service!!

Ensure yourself that your are investing in best warehousing service, that guarantee proper storage, packing, unpacking and personal care to your goods at most affordable rates. So don’t wait and call us now to book our warehouse services!!