Moving Tips


Moving Tips

Moving Tips: 1 – When to Move: If you have any preference in terms of the specific time of year or month when it comes to planning your relocation, it is always recommended to move during off-peak times. The summer is generally the most hectic time of the year for the packing and moving industry since many families opt to relocate while school is out of session. The end of the month is busier because of generally excepted business practices which often closes the sale of a house or end of a lease agreement on the last day of the month.

Moving Tips 2 – Choosing a packing and moving: When it comes to selecting a packer and mover, you have a lot of options. If your relocation is being provided by your employer, you may get a list of approved packing and moving service providers. But, if you are arranging relocation by yourself, you may have to ask friends and/or colleagues for recommendations and find out what experiences they have had while relocating. It is always advisable to check with industry trade associations to narrow your search.

It is recommendable to obtain minimum of three different written estimates for your move. Three different estimates from three different companies will help you to compare prices, services provided, and schedule availability. A careful comparison of estimates helps in choosing the company that best fits your budget and relocation requirements.

Moving Tips 3 – Packing Your Belongings: Safe and secure packing your valuable belongings is essential to avoid any breakages during the transit from one location to another. It is recommended that you have your belongings packed by professional packers and movers, you may opt to pack less valuable or less fragile items yourself. It is important to be present when your belongings are being wrapped and prepared for relocation so that any issues that arise during the compiling of your inventory checklist can be resolved prior to you signing it. All valuable belongings should be listed separately for insurance purposes.

Moving Tips 4 – The Day of The Move – Depending on the size and numbers of belongings, it may take several days to prepare and wrap your belongings for loading. Being prepared will help in reducing the time needed to complete that process. While relocation companies make every effort to be available on the agreed date but the availability of equipment may occasionally affect your moving date. Carefully go through any paperwork provided by moving the company before signing. Provide your mover with correct and updated contact information, so that you can be contacted at the destination to arrange for the delivery of belongings.

Moving Tips 5 – After the Move: If any issues arise after the relocation is completed, make sure to contact your mover as soon as possible. In case you have to file a claim in the event that there is any damage, the sooner you do it the easier it is to follow up on any lost or misplaced belongings.